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Students cannot major in writing--the department offers a BA or BS in English--but students can take many writing courses at NDSU in pursuit of their BA or BS:  creative writing courses, academic writing courses, professional writing courses, digital writing courses, and publication courses, to name the general categories.  Students can also earn a Minor in Writing Studies, although that minor cannot be combined with a BA or BS in English.  Consult the advising page to see the requirements for these degrees.

CCN = Common Course Numbering; the same course number is used elsewhere in the North Dakota University System.

GE = General Education Course,  Communication Category

213 Literary Publications (CCN)
Theory and practice in all aspects of the process of producing a literary magazine.

229 Introduction to Creative Writing (GE)
Introduction to the craft of creative writing with an emphasis on exploring multiple genres and developing a strong cultural awareness through readings and discussion.

275 Introduction to Writing Studies
A broad history of writing and rhetoric as well as an introduction to spheres of writing studies: creative, academic, professional/technical, and public writing. Prereq: ENGL 120.

313 Literary Publications
Theory and practice in all aspects of the process of producing a literary magazine.

320 Business and Professional Writing (GE)
Intensive practice employing the conventions of professional genres to write for business and professional contexts and audiences.Prereq: ENGL 120, Junior standing.

321 Writing in the Technical Professions (GE)
Study and practice of technical communication forms produced by engineers in their everyday professional lives. Emphasizes making effective choices for written and oral communications intended for other engineers as well as for more general audiences. Prereq: ENGL 120, Junior standing.

322 Writing and the Creative Process (GE)
Exploring genres that fuel creativity and critical awareness. Emphasis on flexibility and inventiveness in realizing any personal or professional project. Products may range from poetry/fiction to blogs to student-designed assignments based on major. Prereq: ENGL 120.

323 Creative Writing II
Creative writing with a focus on one genre: Fiction in the fall semester, and Poetry in the spring. May be repeated for genre. Prereq: Engl 322 or 229.

324 Writing in the Sciences (GE)
The study and practice in written conventions of the sciences for academic, scientific, and public audiences. Prereq: Engl 120.

325 Writing in the Health Professions (GE)
The study and practice in written conventions of the health professions for academic, educational, and public audiences. Prereq: Engl 120.

326 Writing in the Design Professions (GE)
This course provides intensive practice employing the conventions of those professional genres needed to write for professional contexts and audiences in design fields. Prereq: ENGL 120, Junior standing.

357 Visual Culture and Language (GE)
This course will cover the rise of visual culture and the impact this historical shift has made on print culture and writing. Students will produce information graphics, photo essays, videos, and other genres. Prereq: ENGL 120.

358 Writing in the Humanities and Social Sciences (GE)
Theory and practice for writing multiple genres in the humanities and social sciences. Prereq: ENGL 120, Junior standing.  Required of all English majors.

413 Literary Publications
Theory and practice in all aspects of the process of producing a literary magazine.

423 Creative Writing Studio
Advanced creative writing workshop with an emphasis on the student as working writer. Readings in creative and/or critical texts and participation in community events. Intensive workshop discussion, with the goal of publishing a manuscript. Prereq: 275, 322, 323, or permission of instructor.

449/649 Usability and User Experience
This course teaches the core competencies for working in the English department UX lab. Additionally, it prepares students to collaborate with design teams to create better documentation, to create fuller user understandings of user inscription preferences, and to craft information strategies. This course teaches user inquiry methods, data collection, genre conventions, and rhetorical strategies for user advocacy.

455/655 International Technical Writing
Theories and practical applications of approaches to international technical documents, including globalization, localization, and translation preparations and procedures.  Extensive use of case studies and cultural models. Prereq: ENGL 120; junior standing or permission of instructor.

456/656  Literacy, Culture, and Identity
Reading, writing, research, and discussion of diverse types of literacy from functional to cultural to technological and their roles in culture and identity formation. Completion of related community projects. Prereq: English 120; junior status, unless special permission is given by instructor.

457 Electronic Communication
This web-based class will explore issues related to electronic communication through selected readings, projects that allow students to develop skills and insight through experiential learning, and though reflection on the dynamics of online education itself. Prereq: ENGL 120.

458 Advanced Writing Workshop
Writing, revising, and editing projects based on rhetorical principles. Frequent response from peers and instructor. Analysis of selected readings and students’ own writing. Prereq: ENGL 358, Junior standing.

459/659 Researching and Writing Grants and Proposals (GE)
A rhetorical approach to researching and writing academic grants, business proposals, and related professional documents. Students develop a portfolio of professionally designed and edited documents as well as the vocabulary of grants writing and research. Prereq: Junior standing.

467 English Studies Capstone Experience
Cumulative and integrative study for English majors of English language, literature, and composition. Prereq: ENGL 271.

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