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English 112 and 122

English 112 and 122 make up the first-year curriculum of NDSU's writing program for non-native students of English.  These courses are equivalent in content and scope to 110 and 120, but they are specifically designed to address written expression issues often encountered by non-native students of English.  Students receive additional support related to higher level language acquisition and usage for non-native speakers.  Students who have been enrolled in the IELP (Intensive English Language Program) should take these courses for their first-year English curriculum.  Other non-native speakers are also highly encouraged to take these courses. 

These courses emphasize helping students make the transition to college level writing assignments and expectations, which includes a thorough research component.  They teach consideration of rhetorical principles like audience, purpose, genre, style, and social context that will be re-enforced in the upper division writing courses.  The instructor/s will use materials and approaches they are familiar and successful with in order to help students improve their standard English skills and meet the common departmental course goals for first-year writers:

1.  To communicate effectively in a variety of genres for various audiences, purposes, and situations. (General Education Outcome #1)
2.  To integrate knowledge and ideas in a coherent and meaningful manner (General Education Outcome #6).
3.  To understand literacy as a dynamic concept, much broader than basic reading and writing skills (English 112) and to understand leadership as a dynamic role, rather than a static position, that can be played out through writing and collaboration (English 122).

English 112 and 122 courses will continue to change and evolve based on the department's annual assessment of outcomes, the ongoing professional development of our teaching staff, and the rapid changes and uses of communication tools and mediums.

Sample syllabus: English 112


Aimee Hilgers is the primary instructor for English 112 and 122.

Office: Minard 316E
Phone: 231-5054

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