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Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty

Arnold, Lisa. Assistant Professor, Minard 318E52, 231-5097,

Birmingham, Elizabeth. Professor, Minard 318E40, 231-6587, 

Brooks, Kevin. Professor, Minard 318E24, 231-7147, 

Burt, Sean. Assistant Professor of History, Philosophy, and Religious Studies and English, Minard 422.

Goldwyn, Adam. Assistant Professor, Minard 318H, 231-6369.

Graham-Bertolini, Alison.  Assistant Professor of English and Women and Gender Studies, Minard 318E52, 231-7143.

Helstern, Linda. Associate Professor, Minard 318E42, 231-5387,

Krishnan, R. S. Professor, 0ld Main 103, 231-7152, 

Mara, Andrew. Associate Professor, Minard 318E44, 231-7146,

Mara, Miriam. Associate Professor, Minard 318E32, 231-6506,

Maylath, Bruce. Professor, Minard 318E20, 231-7176, 

Rupiper Taggart, Amy. Professor, Minard 318E48, 231-7148,

Sassi, Kelly. Associate Professor of English and English Education. Minard 318E22, 231-7156.

Sullivan, Dale .  Professor, Minard 318E50, 231-7144, 

Theile, Verena. Associate Professor, Minard 318E36,

Totten, Gary. Dept. Chair/Professor, Minard 318G, 231-7158,

Wicktor, Emily. Assistant Professor, Minard 318E38, 231-8784,

Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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