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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is North Dakota State University?
NDSU is located in northwest Fargo, which is on the eastern edge of North Dakota, bordering northwest Minnesota. 

Where is the Graduate School?
The Graduate School office is located in 201 Old Main on the campus of North Dakota State University.

When do classes start?
The schedule of semester dates is available at .

When should I apply?
The application deadline for applicants is February 1, for the start of Fall semester.

How do I get an application for admission?
The NDSU Graduate School application is an online system.

How do I apply to the NDSU Department of English graduate program?
All admission materials must be received and processed by the Graduate School before your file is forwarded to the department for review. Incomplete files will not be reviewed, and it is your responsibility to make sure all materials have been received by the Graduate School.  Domestic applicants: Please follow the application requirements found on the Graduate School's Domestic Students "How to Apply" section. International applicants: Please follow the application requirements found on the Graduate School's International Students "How to Apply" section.

What materials are required for application?
Information on materials needed for domestic applications is available on the  Graduate School's "How to apply" section.  Information for international applicants can be found on the Graduate School's International Student's "How to Apply" section.

If I submit materials online, do I need to submit a paper copy?
No. Only online submissions are accepted.

Do I have to apply online before I submit my materials?
You may send your application materials at any time. Once an application is submitted, materials previously received will be added to your file. 

Do I need to send all of my materials together?
You do not need to; however, it is recommended to ensure the prompt consideration of your application. 

If I am not accepted or decide to apply to another school, may I have my materials back?
The Graduate School does not return materials submitted for application.  

If I send my applications materials before I submitted an application, how long will the materials be kept on file?
Materials other than test scores: 1 year
GRE or GMAT scores: 5 years

What are "official transcripts" and "official test scores"?
Official transcripts are sent directly from the registrar of the issuing institution to the registrar at NDSU. Official test scores are those sent from the issuing organization to the registrar at NDSU. Transcripts must be sent in a sealed, stamped envelope. Statement of marks from non-U.S. institutions are expected to be in the official language of the country in which they were earned. English language translations are also required. We will accept literal (not interpretative) English translations from any qualified translator, and the translations should be sent in addition to (not in lieu of) the official academic record. Statement of marks (transcripts) should be mailed to the Graduate School.

What are your ETS institution code and department codes?
The NDSU institution code is 6474. Department codes are not necessary as all scores are sent to our office. However, if you would like the list it is available on the GRE website, 

What is the minimum GRE score?
There is no minimum score, but the score remains a factor in the application evaluation.

What is the minimum TOEFL/IELTS score?
TOEFL ibT 100

Can I use my GRE or TOEFL score if it has expired?
No, GRE exams scores are only valid for 5 years, TOEFL scores are valid for only 2 years.

My undergraduate degree is not in an English studies-related field. Can I still apply to the MA or PhD program?
Yes, the department evaluates applicants from all undergraduate fields of study.

Does the department have a terminal MA-only degree?
The department offers an MA in both Composition and Literature plans of study.

Do I need an MA degree first before applying for the PhD program?
No, students showing sufficient potential and initiative can be admitted directly into the PhD program.

Can I transfer credits from another institution?
Master's students may transfer up to 9 credits; doctoral students may transfer up to 12. Doctoral course work which is transferred does not reduce the total requirement of 60 NDSU credits for students with a master's degree in the same discipline. Credits are not transferred until the Plan of Study is submitted to and approved by the Graduate School.

How can I contact professors/faculty in the department?
NDSU English Department professors and faculty are normally readily available via email and through regularly scheduled office hours, but are also available by appointment.

Where can I find tuition information?
The NDSU Bison Connection website has an entire section on tuition and related fees.

What type of funding is available?
Assistantships and scholarships are available to qualifying applicants. Loans are available to U.S. citizens and permanent residents.   The NDSU Bison Connection website has financial aid information.

How do I apply for an assistantship?

A letter stating your interest in and qualifications for a teaching assistantship is a required part of the application materials.

Where can I find information on available housing?
The NDSU Department for Residence Life has information on residence halls and campus apartments.

I'm still lost. Help!
Please direct any further questions to Dr. Miriam Mara, Director of Graduate Studies. 

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