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Lecturers and Adjunct Instructors

Anastassiya Andrianova. Lecturer, Minard 316H, 231-5052. 

Barta, Kellam. Lecturer, Minard 316D.

Bergeson, Brady.  Lecturer, Minard 316A, 231-5051. 

Carlson, Natalie. Lecturer, Minard 316G, 231-5053. 

Caton, Kristina. Lecturer, Putnam 18, 231-5264.

Cavins, Jo.   Senior Lecturer, Minard 316M, 231-8768.

Christiansen, Ryan. Lecturer, Minard 316D.

Dunlop, Cheryl. Lecturer, Minard 316L, 231-7020.

Eikamp, Julie. Online Instructor, no NDSU office.

Even, Megan. Lecturer, Minard 316D.

Gilson, Crystal. Lecturer, Minard 316D.

Gjervold, Rick.  Lecturer, Minard 316D, 231-8953. 

K.C. Hanson. Lecturer, Minard Minard 316D.

Hanson Dittmer, Louise.  Lecturer, Minard 316L, 231-7020.

Harvey, Dorian.  Online Instructor, no NDSU office.

Hilgers, Aimee. Lecturer, Minard 316E, 231-5054.

Johnston, Eunice.  Senior Lecturer, Minard 316K, 231-7153.

Kaser, Cody. Lecturer, Minard 316D.

Kenan, Kara. Lecturer, Minard 316D.

Larson, Jamee. Lecturer, Minard 316E, 231-5054.

McEnery, Deona.  Senior Lecturer, Minard 316J, 231-8503. 

Melby, Benjamin. Lecturer, Minard 318C, 231-7027.

Nichols, Cindy. Senior Lecturer, Minard 316F, 231-7024. 

Norenberg, Scott. Lecturer, Minard 316D.

Pull, Mary.  Senior Lecturer and Director, Center for Writers, Library CFW 6, 231-7928. 

Salafia, Matthew. Lecturer, Askanese B01, 231-9616.

Sandland, Julie.  Senior Lecturer, Minard 316B, 231-8472.

Sassi, Enrico.  Senior Lecturer and Director, Graduate Center for Writers, Putnam 30, 231-9382.

Sjurseth, Kimberly. Online Instructor, no NDSU office. 

Slomski, Heather. Lecturer, Minard 316D.

Temanson, Kaye.  Lecturer, Minard 316H, 231-5052.

Thorstad, Kai. Lecturer, Minard 316D.

Tunstall, Bill.  Lecturer, Minard 316C, 231-7027.

Twomey, Lisa. Lecturer, Minard 316N.

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