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Lecturers and Adjunct Instructors

Anastassiya Andrianova. Adjunct Lecturer, Minard 316D. 

Beck, Sarah. Adjunct Lecturer, Minard 316D.

Bergeson, Brady.  Lecturer, Minard 316A, 231-5051. 

Brunsdale, Mitzi. Adjunct Lecture, Minard 316D.

Carlson, Natalie. Lecturer, Minard 316E, 231-5054. 

Caton, Kristina. Lecturer, Putnam.

Cavins, Jo.   Senior Lecturer, Minard 316M, 231-8768.

Christiansen, Ryan. Adjunct Lecturer, Minard 316D.

Ecker, Elizabeth. Lecturer, Minard 316E.

Eikamp, Julie. Online Instructor, no NDSU office.

Fricker, Linda.  Senior Lecturer and AHSS Advisor, Putnam Hall.

Giroux, Justin. Grad. Teaching Instructor, Minard316D.

Gjervold, Rick.  Adjunct Lecturer, Minard 316E, 231-5854. 

Guthrie, Alyson. Adjunct Lecturer, Minard 316D.

K.C. Hanson. Lecturer, Minard Minard 316D.

Hanson Dittmer, Louise.  Lecturer, Minard 316D, 231-5052.

Harvey, Dorian.  Online Instructor, no NDSU office.

Johnson, Gayle. Lecturer, Minard 316B, 231-8472.

Johnston, Eunice.  Senior Lecturer, Minard 316K, 231-7153.

Larson, Jamee. Adjunct Lecturer, Minard 316D.

McEnery, Deona.  Senior Lecturer, Minard 316H, 231-8503. 

Melby, Benjamin. Lecturer, Minard 318B.

Nichols, Cindy. Senior Lecturer, Minard 316F, 231-7024. 

Norenberg, Scott. Grad. Teaching Instructor, Minard 316D.

Pull, Mary.  Senior Lecturer and Director, Center for Writers, Library 6, 231-7928. 

Salafia, Matthew. Adjunct Lecturer, Minard 316D.

Sandland, Julie.  Senior Lecturer, Minard 316G, 231-8503.

Sassi, Enrico.  Senior Lecturer and Director, Graduate Center for Writers, Putnam #30, 231-9382.

Scott, Maureen.  Senior Lecturer, Minard 316L, 231-7020.
Sjurseth, Kimberly. Online Instructor, no NDSU office. 

Smith, Kara. Online Instructor, no NDSU office.

Temanson, Kaye.  Lecturer, Minard 316H, 231-8503.

Tunstall, Bill.  Lecturer, Minard 316C, 231-7027.

Vosen Callens, Melissa. Assistant Professor of Practice, Minard 204G, 231-7815 .

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