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Krista Aldrich, MA
MA in English (North Dakota State University, 2018)


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Krista Aldrich earned her BA and MA from the NDSU English department and is scheduled to teach three sections of Composition II this semester. Her academic interests include women writers (Anita Loos specifically), ant-racist pedagogy, and feminist literature.  

Professional Development, Presentations, and Publications

Professional development opportunities

  • Anti-racism workshops (January and  April 2018)

Conference presentations, workshops, and webinars 

  • Organizer, Workshop on "Grading Contracts in Practice," Red River Graduate School Conference, Fargo, ND, Apr. 2018
  • Presenter, “The Ethics and Praxis of Grading Contracts in the University Writing Classroom," A Minnesota Conference on Writing and English, Minneapolis, MN, Mar. 2018
  • Presenter, “‘In the space between chaos and shape there was another chance’: Transitions from Theorist, to Activist, to Teacher, to Scholar,” Women’s Week, North Dakota State University, Feb. 2018
  • Presenter, “Grading Contracts in the Writing Classroom,” Writing Program Administration-Graduate Organization Community Calls, Online Webinar, Feb. 2018
  • Presenter, “Embracing the ‘Dumb Blonde’: Navigating Identity in Anita Loos’ Gentlemen Prefer Blondes,” Northeast Popular Culture Association Conference| Amherst, Massachusetts, Oct. 2017


  • Book review "Diversity in Design: Understanding Hidden Consequences," in Technical Communication Quarterly (Sept. 2018)

Kellam Barta, MA
MA in Rhetoric and Composition (North Carolina State University, 2015)

 Minard 318E22

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David Binkard, MFA

 Minard 316D

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Paula Comeau, MA

 Minard 318E52

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Dr. Audrey Johnson
PhD English Literature (Washington State University)

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Kara Kenan, MA
MA in English (North Dakota State University, 2010)

Office: Available online only

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Dr. Kelvin Monroe
PhD (Washington State University)

Office: Minard 318E52

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Kimberly Sjurseth, MA

 Available online only

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I am native of Fargo, and currently reside in Atlanta, Georgia where I teach online for NDSU.  I received my MA at NDSU in Literature. My instructing methods and philosophy is complimented by my experience working as a training program manager for a marketing and technology company and as a quality assurance specialist. I strive to incorporate technology in the classroom and challenge students to become successful communicators.

My areas of interests are: distance learning, technical communication, new media, rhetoric, American Indian rhetoric, and regional literature of the American West. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, traveling, and learning how to surf fish.

Courses I have taught at NDSU:  
English 110, 120, 320 and 321

Hannah Stevens, MA 
MA in English (North Dakota State University, 2019)
BA in English (North Dakota State University, 2016)

 Minard 318E24

Research Interests: Feminist studies, horror/slasher film studies, genre studies, OWI pedagogy, anti-racist pedagogy, and Southern Gothic American Literature.

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Hannah Stevens earned her BA and MA from the NDSU English department and is scheduled to teach two online sections of College Composition II, and one section of English 333: Fantasy and Science Fiction this semester.

Conferences, Presentations, and Publications


Stevens, Hannah L (2019). "Building Access: Universal Design and the Politics of Disability." Technical Communication Quarterly, DOI: 10.1080/10572252.2019.1613337

Sassi, Kelly and Hannah Stevens (2019). "Preparing Students to Participate in the Pop-Up Parlor." The Language Arts Journal of Michigan, 34(2).

Conferences and Presentations

The Conference on College Composition and Communication | Pittsburgh, PA | March 2019 “‘I couldn’t upload, so I am attaching my paper to this email…’: Usability in the First Year Writing Classroom”

The Film and History Conference | Madison, WI | November 2018 “‘’…I can get you anytime I want’: Violence as a Societal Commentary in the Slasher Film”

Red River Graduate Student Conference | NDSU. Fargo, ND | April 2018 “Live as a Force to be Reckoned With: The Destruction of Individuality, the Deliberate Miscarriage of Justice, and the Dystopian in Naylor’s Linden Hills

Red River Graduate Student Conference | NDSU. Fargo, ND | April 2018 Roundtable: Grading Contracts

Red River Graduate Student Conference | NDSU. Fargo, ND | April 2018 Workshop: Grading Contracts in Praxis

A Minnesota Conference on Writing and English | University of Minnesota. Minneapolis MN | March 2018 “The Ethics and Praxis of Grading Contracts in the University Writing Classroom”

Women’s Week | NDSU. Fargo, ND | February 2018 “’In the Space Between Chaos and Shape there was Another Chance’: Transitions from Theorist, to Activist, to Teacher, to Scholar”

Writing Program Administration-Graduate Organization Community Calls (series 1) | Online Webinar | February 2018 “Grading Contracts in the Writing Classroom”

Red River Women Studies Conference | NDSU. Fargo, ND | October 2017 “’I Stuck a Blender on His Head and Killed Him’: Heroism, Violence, and Feminine Representation in the Slasher Film”

Red River Graduate Student Conference| NDSU. Fargo, ND | March 2017 “Multi-dimensional Female Characters: How the Slasher/Horror Genre Gives Rise to Female Voices and an Analysis of the “Final Girl” in the Movie Hush 

Dr. Rebecca West
PhD in Rhetoric, Writing, and Culture (North Dakota State University, 2017)

 Minard 318E24

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Rebecca West teaches online courses in tech writing, business writing, and health writing. Her background is in Cultural Anthropology (B.A. from NDSU), Liberal Arts (M.L.A. from MSUM), and Rhetoric, Writing and Culture (Ph.D. from NDSU’s English Department). Research interests include medical sociology, public health, and the rhetoric of food and food labels.

Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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