Office Procedures


Michele Sherman, Administrative Assistant, Ext. 1-9606

The following is an alphabetic listing of suggested procedures:

Cluster Reservations
(classrooms with desktop computers)
For all cluster reservations, click on this link: and choose Reservation Request Form.

CANCELLATION OF YOUR CLASSES  Classes should only be canceled due to illness, emergency, or with clear pedagogical reasons. Arrange for someone to cover a class whenever possible; communicate with students via Blackboard in appropriate situations.  If you need to cancel class, post an announcement to Bb, email that announcement to students and notify Michele, but do not ask to post an announcement outside of a room.  Let students know your procedure.

COMPUTER PROBLEMS - If your computer or software is not operating properly, ask others within the department as we may have run into the problem before.  (If you are using one of the department laptops, contact Michele.)  You may, however, at any time, directly call the NDSU Help Desk, which is staffed, 7:30 am - 9 pm, M-F, 231-8685, or email them at   If the problem cannot be fixed over the phone, you can arrange for the ITS rep to come to your office or bring it directly to the Help Desk located in the Quentin Burdick Building, room 150.

COPY AND DUPLICATION NEEDS - If possible, print your syllabi, class handouts, etc. on the laser printer networked to your computer.  This is the most economical method of duplication available.  Our printers can automatically duplex (print on both sides of the paper).  If you have a printing need that cannot be done on our department printers, discuss it with Michele.  There are services available from NDSU Document Publishing Center on campus such as printing on 11 x 17, binding, etc. 

The copier in Minard 318A can be used to scan documents as a pdf to your email account for posting to Bb or to print out on our network printers.  You may submit requests to have Staff scan projects for you. We highly recommend using the printers for the duplexing capabilities. Please check with Michele for copier access codes.

Methods of duplication available:
Your documents will automatically print on plain white paper unless you specify otherwise. If you want colored paper, transparencies, letterhead, etc., then in the print screen, click on PROPERTIES and change SOURCE from Auto to  Manual. DO NOT click on OPTIONS to change the paper source.  

NDSU Doc. Publishing Center (Book Style)  
Use Book style which looks like a book for jobs of 3 or more pages printed on 11 x 17 paper.  

NDSU Document Publishing Center (8 B= x 11 jobs)        
The pick up and delivery service offered by the Print & Copy Center helps us serve you in a timely fashion.

Copier (using Access Codes)                                          
See Michele to obtain your access code when needed. 

The Microsoft Campus Agreement at NDSU
Microsoft Office for Windows or Macs are already loaded onto your NDSU computer. 

To purchase the Microsoft Office for home use, faculty and staff should contact Michele. She will provide the instructions. Please note that employment status is verified during ordering to ensure that only eligible university employees can download the software.

GRADES - Grades are not posted for all to see.  This is in compliance with the Federal Privacy Act.  You are responsible for entering your grades electronically at the end of each semester.  You must have security clearance on Peoplesoft to do so.  Grade change forms are available in our office. Use the Grade Reporting Form to change grades after on-line grading is closed.  These forms and the department stamp are in Minard 318.  The first time you need to use them, just ask for help.  Grade reporting forms must be stamped in the upper right corner before sending to the Registrar.

GRANTS - When you receive any other type of grant, forward copies of the award to Michele to facilitate your reimbursement. 

KITCHEN - Coffee drinkers bring cans of coffee on the honor system as needed.  The refrigerator, microwave, popcorn popper, and coffee pot are available for your convenience.  If you use the kitchen facilities, your help is appreciated in keeping everything clean and orderly.

ENGLISH LIBRARY - Thesis papers written by those who have pursued the NDSU English Master degree or the Ph.D. in English: Rhetoric, Writing and Culture are available for checkout.  

MAIL - If you have work-related mail that requires postage, write your name in the return address area, and place the envelope in the outgoing mailbox. For your personal mail, please affix your own stamps.   The mail leaves the building around 8:00 a.m. Incoming mail is delivered to your mailbox.  If you receive a package that is too big for your mailbox, a gold slip is placed in your box.  The package will be on the floor below the grad mailboxes.  When you retrieve your package, please return the gold slip to a mailbox in the last row of the grad mailboxes.  The mailboxes are arranged alphabetically by last name.

OFFICE HOURS (DEPARTMENT) - The department office hours are 8:00 a.m. to noon and 1:00 to 4:30 p.m. (7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. in the summer).   

OFFICE HOURS (YOURS) - Please return our request for your office hours ASAP.  (It will be emailed to you in the first part of August.)  You must plan for a minimum of one office hour per week for each course taught per semester. From the database, we will print your schedule which we will tape to your office door ASAP.  Although we have compared our departmental records to the Peoplesoft system, we ask your assistance to double-check by comparing the information in the email to Peoplesoft.  Let us know of any discrepancies.

PAYCHECKS - All paychecks are direct deposited. Your first paycheck will be issued September 15th.  Checks are processed on the 15th and the last business day of the month throughout the school year.  If you are working during the spring semester, the last check will be distributed on the last business day of May, assuming you are a 9-month employee.  (The exact day can vary from year to year.)  You can access your pay and other information by logging into Employee Self Service.

STUDENT PAPERS, JOURNALS, and EXAMS - It is the responsibility of students to deliver assignments to you in class or to place the assignments directly in your mailbox and assistance will be given to students to find your mailbox.  Please make every effort to return student papers in class or at set times in your office. 

SUPPLIES - A variety of office supplies such as grade books, red pens, highlighters, white board markers, folders, scratch pads, etc., are available in the storage room.  Envelopes and mailers (external and internal), department stationery and envelopes are in the work area, Minard 318A by the printer on the counter. 

Overhead transparencies can be printed from your computer, at the copier, or created by hand, if appropriate.  Please note: only run a few at a time as the printer does get hot and there is a chance that the transparency could melt.  One supply item is used for all three methods.  Transparencies are stored in Minard 318A.  Use only our transparencies; others might melt. The paper for our printers is in Minard 318C.    


  • To Call Another Campus Phone: Dial 1 + the last 4 digits
  • To Call a Number Off Campus: Dial 9 + the number
  • To Call Long Distance: Dial 9 + 1 + Area Code + 7-digit number + access code*
  • Our FAX number: 1-701-231-1047. Ask the sender to include your name for routing purposes.

Long distance calling (using the departmental access code) is for office staff and authorized use only.  We also have one phone card for department use.  For personal long distance calls, please use your cell phone.    

TRAVEL -  The first time you travel, please see Michele (before you leave) for tips on saving receipts for reimbursements, funding sources, etc. When on a per diem allowance, keep original receipts showing zero balance due for everything but meals.  Per diem rates for every city are available at: Also, you must complete the Authorization for Out-of-State Travel form at:

VOICE MAIL - To Access voice mail, dial 231-9100 (when you are off campus) or 1-9100 (when you are on campus) and follow the verbal instructions. The telephone greeting that your callers will hear when no one is available to answer your phone has been updated with all new staff names so that callers will be assured they have reached the correct extension.    
Rev. 11/17/20
Michele Sherman

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