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Requesting a Grade Review

If you would like to request a grade review for an individual assignment or portfolio from a General Education writing course, please write a letter of request to the appropriate program director: Dr. Lisa Arnold, first-year courses or Dr. Bruce Maylath, upper-division courses. Please consult the Department Chair if Writing Directors are not available or if they are involved in the grade review as instructors. Our mailing address is: Department of English, Dept 2320, Box 6050, NDSU, Fargo ND 58108.  The department's main office is located in Minard Hall 318.  

A student must initiate a request for a grade review with the appropriate program director within three weeks of the first day of the semester immediately following the semester in which the grade was awarded. For Spring Semester courses, the request may be made within three weeks of the start of Fall Semester if the student is not enrolled for a Summer term but is enrolled in the Fall.

Grades based upon attendance or class participation cannot be reviewed, but the appropriate director can meet with a student and instructor to try and resolve any misunderstandings related to those grades.  

 Cover letter for review

In your letter to the program director, please indicate your course number, your section number, and include your Bison Card Number.  Do not indicate your instructor’s name, the grade you received, nor the grade you think your assignment deserves; the director and review committee will make every effort to keep the review impartial and based on the material at hand, not instructor or student perceptions of the work. 

Also please identify your academic adviser, his or her campus address, and the address that you would like your review results sent to.  A copy of the review will be sent to you, your adviser, the English Department Head, and a copy can be made available to the University Grade Appeals Board if you would like to have your work reviewed further. 

What else to include

Include with your letter a clean copy of the work you would like reviewed, a copy of the assignment sheet(s) including grading rubric(s).  Your instructor can provide you with copies of the assignment sheets and rubrics if they are not available in Blackboard or on the Web. 

Three members of the First-year Writing Committee or the Upper Division Writing Committee will review your work, assign it a grade based on the rubrics provided, and they will ask your instructor to re-calculate the grade based on the committee review.  If the new grade is higher, your grade will be changed; if the new grade is lower, you will receive the grade assigned by your instructor.  

Please consult the NDSU Policy Manual for additional information about the grade review process at NDSU:

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