Travel Funding Reimbursement Procedures

The Department of English and College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences supports travel to present at conferences or attend meetings. Please note that funding requests are not guaranteed. Faculty and graduate students are required to:

1. Submit requests using the following forms.
2. Explain how classes will be covered while gone. 

Faculty, Lecturer and Graduate Student Travel Fund Request Form

Graduate Student Funding Request Procedures Can be found under "Forms" on the English Graduate Program webpage 

Out of State or Country Travel Authorization & Liability Form

Quick Reference Travel Guide for NDSU Employees

The online liability form is used to document travel for insurance or liability purposes, so it is crucial to include your travel plan and the telephone number at destination on the liability form. Travelers must fill out the liability form when going out of state on NDSU business, even if that travel is not financially supported by NDSU. 

while funding requests are not guaranteed, all Travel fund request forms require the signature of the Department Chair and department support before going to the AHSS Dean.  In addition, NDSU requires that out of state travel be approved by the department chair and Dean; out of country travel needs to be approved by the Chair, Dean, and Provost.


Graduate Student Travel Funding Request Policy
The department requires graduate students to follow this Graduate Student Travel Funding Request Procedure , for which the general steps are as follows:

1. Graduate students need to consult with their advisors before submitting to a conference in order to get professional advice and approval.
2. Student and advisor must sign a conference funding request letter. 
3. That letter must go to the Graduate Director for review.
4. If approved, the request will come to the Department Chair for final approval.  

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