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Massimo Verzella (PhD 2016)

Assistant Professor of English and Writing Studies
Penn State Erie, The Behrend College, Erie, PA USA

“My experience as a graduate student at the NDSU English Department was invaluable for several reasons. The program is very well structured around key disciplinary areas that include literature, cultural studies, writing, and rhetoric. I particularly appreciated the cosmopolitan vision that inspires international collaborative projects such as the TAPP (Trans-Atlantic and Pacific Project), the spirit of innovation that drives the creation and development of courses, and the emphasis on collaborative work. But what makes the program truly exceptional is the availability of the teachers: Office doors are always open at the English department in an effort to build a close knit community around the values of scholarship, learning, and service.”

Steven R. Hammer (PhD 2014)

Assistant Professor of Communication & Digital Media
St. Joseph’s University, Philadelphia, PA USA

“In my time at NDSU, I learned to listen to the voices that are seldom heard in our society, reshape my own perspective of the world by acknowledging my own privilege, and stand (and march!) as an ally with those who need our support most. I was welcomed into a community of learning that crossed borders and reached beyond the walls of the classroom, and profoundly shaped what it means for me to be an engaged citizen wherever I live and work. I learned that my education is never really mine; to keep it I must share it with others.”

Alyson Guthrie (MA 2013)

Technical Assistant, Planned Parenthood

“I completed my M.A. in English at NDSU in 2013. My experience as a graduate student in the NDSU English Department was valuable in many ways. As a new, and slightly overwhelmed, graduate student in the fall of 2009, I was blown away by the level of support I received as both a student and teaching assistant. The program is designed in a way, so that one is never thrown into a class or teaching situation unprepared. In fact, the first semester is designed to ease a graduate student into a schedule that allows her to hone teaching and academic skills with intro classes, such as T.A. Strategies. Furthermore, the NDSU English Department encourages graduate instructors to tweak their courses with innovative lessons, and to share these experiences at workshops and conferences. As a graduate instructor, I felt supported, encouraged, and inspired. In addition, I had the opportunity to enroll in a variety of courses. When I enrolled in the program, I wasn't sure which direction I wanted to take, but I was able to study linguistics, grant writing, writing in the sciences, and I was able to participate in a teaching and administrative field experience. Finally, when it came time to begin my M.A. Paper, I was able to research and write about a social, political, and cultural issue that mattered to me, which led to my current job with Planned Parenthood. While I entered the NDSU English Department nervous and maybe even clueless, I came out of the program with direction, confidence, and skills I carry with me both inside and outside of academia.”

Neelam Jabeen (PhD 2016)

Assistant Professor of English
International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan

“‘Rhetoric, Writing, and Culture’ provided me with an opportunity to explore my area of interest from a whole new perspective. The wide scope of the program enabled me to pursue my interest in literature and explore literary texts from different angles. The program’s emphasis on rhetoric sharpened my analytical skills that eventually led me to the unexplored areas of research in my interest area.  Besides the excellent academic environment, the things that I appreciate the most are the welcoming and friendly staff and faculty of the department. As an international student, NDSU, especially the English department has been a second home to me.”

Alison Driscoll (MA 2016)

PhD Student in Applied Languages, Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland

“I'm currently a PhD student in Applied Languages at Dublin City University in Dublin, Ireland. My research currently focuses on the usability and comprehensibility of financial information, particularly with regards to the increasing aging population. 

While I'm enjoying the opportunities and people in my new program, I miss the NDSU English Department, especially its community and sense of support. The faculty in the English Department make each graduate student feel welcomed and encouraged, while offering challenging and rewarding classes at the same time. The program's curriculum does a great job facilitating a sense of community through its TA training and various department activities and organizations. 

I made several lifelong friends during my time spent at NDSU and was exposed to life-changing opportunities, including my move to Ireland. I would recommend the program to anyone and everyone.” 

Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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