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Winners of W-Challenge

Foreign Language Category:


Honorable Mention: Rachel Middlestead
“La famille”

First Place: Alexandra O’Reilly
“Rédaction: Les Voyages”


Honorable mention – FLS5: Michelle Stepan
“La violencia contra la mujer”

Second Place: Patrick Pochant
“A través del tiempo: el cuento del curanderismo”

First Place / * Also an Early Submission Winner: David Neff
“La traducción literaria de español al inglés: cuestiones, problemas y soluciones”


First Place: Tara Smart
“Berättelsen från Skogen”

Foreign Language English:

Third Place: Esperance Mulonda
“My Dear Little Sister”

Second Place: Jasmin Kaempfer
“Behind the Wall of Glass"

First Place: Linh Tran
“A Beauty Mark”

Professional Writing:

Honorable Mention: Kali Christianson, Lindsay Campbell, Amie Northagen, and Melissa Fritz
“Rural Leadership North Dakota Alumni Association: 2017 Campaign Proposal”

Third Place: Austin Breuer
“Letter: Dear Sanford Health Hiring Committee”

Second Place: Benjamin Norman
“Press Release: NDSU Newspaper Wins Accolades at International Conference”

First Place: Jesse Wiesenborn
“Letter: Confusion Between Pink and Red Tags”


Honorable Mention #1: Griffin Birmingham
“My Boy Sister”

Honorable Mention #2: Olivia Vogt
“Anxiety: A Moment After the First Day of Classes”

Third Place: Jenna Murphy

Second Place: Benjamin Norman
“My Others’ Keeper”

First Place: Lindsey Pouliot
“Antigone: That Nasty Woman”


Honorable Mention: Paige Alexander

Third Place: Kirbie Sondreal
“Remembrance and Reparation: The Clayton Jackson McGhie Memorial”

Second Place: Annise Montplaisir
“Examination of the Successful Attributes of The Saratoga Special”

First Place / *Also an Early Submission Winner: Andrew Wolf
“‘Give Ear to This, Job:’ How Elihu Privileges Consequentialism Over Retributivism in the Book of Job”

Showcase of Student Writing and Writing Challenge (W-Challenge)

The Showcase

The second annual Showcase of Student Writing invites the NDSU community to celebrate the achievements of student writers. Inclusive of projects designed for academic, professional, and creative spaces, this interactive platform for written work is an opportunity to explor the diverse range of writing created by NDSU students over the course of their undergraduate careers.

The Showcase of Student Writing will be open to the public on December 5, 2016, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Memorial Union Ballroom.

The Showcase is made possible with the support of the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences; College of Engineering; College of Health Professions; College of Human Development and Education; Division of Student Affairs; Office of Teaching and Learning; NDSU Libraries; Department of Criminal Justice and Political Science; Department of Communication; Department of English; Department of Modern Languages; and Department of History, Philosophy, and Religion.

The W-Challenge

The second annual W-Challenge invites all NDSU undergraduate student writers to submit their written work. Projects may incorporate visual, audio, digital and/or other media, but must include a substantial alphabetic component. Judges will evaluate texts across five categories:

  • Academic Writing
  • Professional Writing
  • Creative Writing
  • Writing in Foreign Languages.

Winners will receive prizes worth up to $200. Please submit work to or bring hard copies to the box labeled “W-Challenge Entries” located in the office of the English Department, 318 Minard Hall, after January 10, 2017. Students who enter before March 10, 2017 will be eligible for the early submission award. The final deadline to submit work is April 3, 2017

Categories & Criteria

Each student may make 1 submission per category; no more than 3 total submissions.

Academic Writing

The Academic Writing category includes any project produced for college-level courses in any discipline (note: this award is not limited to work produced for NDSU courses). This category also includes texts produced in the pursuit of scholarly output. Examples include research essays, literary critiques, scientific reports, rhetorical analyses, capstone presentations, and research-based social media projects. 

Professional Writing

The Professional Writing category includes texts designed for professional spaces situated outside of academia. Any genre that participates in the communicative practices of a workplace belongs in this category. Examples include business documents, feasibility reports, memos, proposals, infographics, advertising and marketing documents, persuasive letters or emails, and business-related social media projects. 

Creative Writing

The Creative Writing category includes texts produced as a means of creative expression.  Examples include short stories, poems, scripts, lyrics/songs, comedy writing, creative non-fiction, literary journalism, memoir, and satire.

Writing in Foreign Languages

The Writing in Foreign Languages category is open to any student writing in a language that is not his or her native/home language. Texts may fit any genre and any purpose, but please note: each Challenge entry may only be entered into one category.  

W-Challenge Writing Workshop Dates/Times/Topics

Thursday, January 26, 2017 2-4pm: Revision and Design: Mandan Room (Memorial Union)

Wednesday, February 22, 2017 3-5pm: Polishing: Rose Room (Memorial Union)


What’s the difference between the W-Challenge and the Showcase of Student Writing?

The W-Challenge is a writing contest. The Showcase of Student Writing is a celebratory event where students display their writing publicly.

How many pieces of writing can I submit to the W-Challenge?

Students may submit 1 piece of writing for each category, up to 3 total submissions

Can the piece(s) for the W-Challenge be previously written for a class?

 Yes. Students can submit anything written in or outside of class.

When/how can I submit my work to the W-Challenge?

 Submissions will be accepted any time before April 3, 2017 in electronic or hard copy form. Send electronic submissions to ; please attach as a .doc, .docx, .jpeg, .PDF, .mp3, .html, or .mpeg. If you have a different kind of file format, please email to see if we can accommodate your entry. Bring hard copies to the English Department, 318 Minard Hall, after January 10, 2017.

For the Writing in Foreign Languages category, can I submit writing in my native language or do submissions have to be in English?

For the Writing in Foreign Languages category, students may submit writing in any language. If English is not a student writer’s home language, he or she may submit writing in English under this category and it will be judged as writing in foreign languages. We currently have judges in Spanish, French, Arabic, German, Latin, and English, but if students submit writing in another language, we will do our best to identify judges in your language. 

Can I submit my work anonymously or under a pen name?

Submissions to the W-Challenge must be submitted under the student’s real name. Students not submitting work for the W-Challenge but required by an instructor to participate in the Showcase who wish to remain anonymous may discuss options for remaining anonymous with the instructor.

Can I submit multimodal work for the W-Challenge or Showcase?

Yes, students may submit multimodal work for the W-Challenge or Showcase. However, because the focus is writing, the work must contain a substantial alphabetic component.

Can graduate students submit writing to the W-Challenge?

No, at this time the W-Challenge is only open to undergraduates.

Please note that we reserve the right to withhold display of materials that violate NDSU’s Student Code of Conduct. 

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