First-Year Writing

The first-year writing program includes two writing courses that satisfy part of students’ general education requirements:

  • English 110/112 (3 credits): College Composition I
  • English 120/122 (3 credits): College Composition II

All incoming students should take the NDSU English Placement Survey, which will help you choose the first course you should take in the program. This is a survey, not an exam, and will only take 10-20 minutes of your time. After you take the survey, you will receive an email indicating your course options. Please speak with your advisor after completing the survey to make sure you are enrolled in the right course.

* English 112 and 122 are equivalent to English 110 and 120 but are specific to multilingual students. We encourage all students who are multilingual to enroll in these sections. Please contact Dr. Holly Hassel for additional information.

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