Emergency Class Absence Notification

We know students sometimes encounter difficult life events or emergencies which make it impossible for them to attend classes. In the case of specific emergencies, the Office of the Vice Provost for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management will notify faculty members and advisor of the student’s class absence. Guidelines for class absence notifications are available.

Examples of such emergencies include:

  • Death of immediate family member, roommate or close friend
  • Hospitalization of the student
  • Life threatening/emergency hospitalization of an immediate family member
  • Immediate military activations
  • Other serious life event

If possible the student should notify the Vice Provost for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management Office by calling 231-7701. The Vice Provost office will copy the student on the correspondence sent to instructors and advisor.

When possible, students should contact their instructors to let them know their anticipated date of return to class. Decisions concerning submission of late assignments, make up of missed exams, or allowing extra time for missed work are at the discretion of the faculty member in accordance with Policy 333.

For temporary medical conditions (e.g. broken arm, knee surgery, short-term illness that does not require hospitalization) students will be referred to Disability Services for courtesy services.

For chronic or on-going medical or health issues that constitute a documented disability students will be referred to Disability Services.

Excused Absence Notification

Policy 333 outlines the Class Attendance Policy. Under this policy, some absences are considered excused, such as jury duty and military duty. If a student would like assistance in notifying their instructors of an excused absence, the student should notify the Vice Provost for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management Office by calling 231-7701. A copy of the jury duty notification or military order (including the student’s name or supporting documentation that connects a student to a specific unit) will be required to provide notification.   

Returning from an unexpected absence

On return from your unexpected absence, depending on your circumstance, a resource list is provided to help you in returning to the classroom.

  • Meet with your academic advisor and discuss options for missed coursework in conjunction with instructors.
    • Your advisor's name is listed in your Student Center on Campus Connection on the lower right side as shown on the campus connection help page. If your advisor is listed as "Department Assigned," check back in a few days or call the department you are in for more information about advisor assignments in your department. 
  • View contact information for NDSU Departments: www.ndsu.edu/directory/
  • Counseling Center 231-7671
  • Disability Services 231-8463
  • Student Health Service 231-7331
  • ACE tutoring 231-5554

Based upon the dates and deadlines of a semester, consider exploring options such as withdrawing from a course or all courses or seeking an incomplete grade. Contact your academic advisor or the Office of Registration and Records with questions or for additional guidance. 

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