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Graduate Courses

631. Integrated Pest Management. 3 cr. The principles embodied in the implementation of multifaceted tactics designed to manage pest populations successfully.

646.  Plant Resistance to Insects.  3 cr.  This course covers the challenges that insects pose for plants as well as the resistance mechanisms that plants have evolved to meet these challenges.  Examples will come from natural, agricultural, horticultural, and range systems.

670. Insect Ecology. 3 cr.  This course is an introduction to the fundamental concepts of ecology as they relate to insects.  We will emphasize how ecological principles help inform other many areas of applied and basic entomological research. Offered spring, odd years.

742. Quantitative Biology. 3 cr. Introduction to statistical techniques used to analyze exological data sets in applied and basic research settings.

750. Systematic Entomology. 5 cr. Introduction to systematic methods and principles, identification of common families of insects. Offered fall, even years.

751. Immature Insects. 3 cr. Characteristics of the immature forms of the orders and principal families of insects. Offered fall, odd years.

760. Insect Structure. 4 cr. Structure and function of insect anatomy. The development of adult form from embryonic and larval precursors during growth and metamorphosis, evolutionary development of insect structures. Offered fall, odd years.

761. Insect Physiology. 4 cr. Function of major insect organ systems and metabolism, growth, and molting of insects. Offered spring, odd years.

765. Biological Control of Insects and Weeds. 3 cr. The natrual or applied regulation of pests by predaceous and parasitic insects and pathogens.

The following variable credit courses are also offered:

790. Seminar
696/796. Special Topics
793. Individual Study/Tutorial
795. Field Experience
798. Masters Thesis
799. Doctoral Thesis

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