Sunday Academy

Sunday Academy is a program designed to generate interest in math, science and engineering among the American Indian high school students. Once a month during the academic year, high school students are brought together on a Sunday and are presented with practical day-to-day problems involving simple math, physics, chemistry and engineering in an informal and friendly atmosphere requiring them to think, analyze and seek solutions. Typically, eight academy sessions are held in a year beginning in September and ending in April in each of the five tribal colleges. Sessions begin at 10:00 am and go up to 4:00 pm. Cultural relevance and hands-on activities are emphasized in all topics. Lessons for the Sunday Academy sessions are developed collaboratively by the Tribal College faculty, Reservation high school teachers, and university professors at the NDSU summer camp in the first two weeks of June. The team assembles again later at NDSU for a workshop in the last week of July or the first week of August. At this workshop they fine tune the hands-on activities of the lesson plans and test them out. By the end of the workshop all lesson plans are completed and are ready for delivery.

Unique features

  • Cultural connection
  • Hand-on activities
  • Participation of high school teachers, tribal college instructors and university professors collaboratively all the way from conception to delivery of the lessons
  • Multiple sites at the same time