University Summer Camp Student Track

The goals of the Summer Camp at NDSU include introducing tribal college students to STEM disciplines and career opportunities, exposing them to city and campus life, attracting them to four year STEM programs, and engaging tribal high school and college faculty in career improvement and lesson development. This two-week camp is usually offered in the first two weeks of June each year. The camp has two tracks, tribal college student track, and instructor and teacher track.

Camp activities include laboratory visits and demonstration projects; chemistry; computer science; and engineering. Field visits; mathematics lessons; and project work were the other activities included.Students also spend a day at the University of North Dakota visiting with their STEM departments.University instructors introduce science, math, and engineering disciplines and career opportunities. Students present their research projects on the closing day. Opportunities for recreation and social interaction are provided by the Office of Multicultural Student Services adding fun to the rigor of the camp. Students get to experience campus and city life.

Camp activities for students included laboratory visits and demonstrations in physics; chemistry; food science; computer science; geosciences; climatology; and engineering. Industry visits; mathematics lessons; and project work were the other activities which kept the students busy while having fun. Students also spent a day at the UND campus visiting with their STEM departments. NDSU and UND instructors introduced science, math and engineering disciplines and career opportunities to the students.