Issued: February 20, 2009
DEADLINE: NOON, April 20, 2009

AWARD DATE: May 15, 2009

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Budget Sheet-IIPSeed (Excel)
Cover Sheet-IIP Seed

IIP Collaborative Seed Pilot Program

MODIFIED: March 2, 2009 — Only ONE proposal per Co-PI

TO: Faculty in the Sciences, Engineering, and Mathematics

FROM: David R. Givers, Co-Project Director, NDSU

Mark R. Hoffmann, Co-Project Director, ND EPSCoR, UND Office
RE: Infrastructure Improvement Program – Collaborative Seed
Pilot Program

Program Description: NSF identified a number of investment priorities associated with its strategic goals for which there is an increased emphasis or additional funding during 2006-2011. Transformational, multidisciplinary research is one emphasis. ND EPSCoR response is a new collaborative seed pilot program for pairs of investigators to explore joint, multidisciplinary research projects that could lead to clusters or focal groups capable of obtaining independent funding. Collaborations may be inter-departmental, inter-university, inter-institutional (e.g., federal labs), private sector, or international.

Purpose: Increase multidisciplinary research collaborations in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines that result in competitiveness for large-scale national awards. Priority will be given to proposals that target NSF (e.g., Collaborative Research in Computational Neuroscience (CRCNS), Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (IGERT), Partnerships for Innovation (PFI), Grant Opportunities for Academic Liaison with Industry (GOALI), etc.).

Terms: Two years.

Eligibility: Two Co-PIs consisting of a senior faculty (Professor/Associate Professor) with a history of substantial, nationally competitive research over the last five years, and an early career, tenure-track faculty (Assistant Professor).

Primary evaluation criteria:
1. Scientific and technical merits of the proposed research.
2. Potential for submitting competitive, collaborative large-scale research proposals to NSF by (December 1, 2010). Realistic milestones and goals with respect to plan of work, research outcomes, submittal of new NSF proposals for large scale awards.
3. Previous scholarly activity and proposal success.
4. Mentoring plan between the Co-PIs.
5. Co-PIs must demonstrate that funding opportunities exist for proposed collaboration and ND EPSCoR’s support is necessary to obtain the essential collaborative preliminary results.
6. Senior faculty must demonstrate that the proposed research area is new to her/him and not an extension of existing research. That is, the proposed research would not be possible without the collaboration.

Other evaluation criteria include but are not limited to:
• Contribution to the education of future scientists, engineers, and mathematicians.
• Contribution to broadening participation.
• Level of prior support from ND EPSCoR.

Award Amount: $40-50,000/year. One month summer salary senior Co-PI (up to $8,000), 1.5 month summer salary early career Co-PI (up to $8,000), two half time grad students ( up to $10,000 each) or one full-time graduate student (up to $20,000) dedicated to this project, and materials, supplies and travel (up to $8,000 total). Total funds can be allocated to achieve project objectives, as long as equal weight is demonstrated with respect to the contribution of both co-PIs. Funds can only be awarded to faculty at the two ND research universities.

Number of Awards: It is anticipated that up to two awards will be made at NDSU and two at UND.

Checklist Requirements:

A. Submit Proposal Hard Copies: Original + five.
No more than 11 double-spaced, one-sided pages (* = page count), margins ≥ 1”, with no less than a 10-point font. Staple all copies in the following order:

1. ND EPSCoR Cover page−Available link at top of this page
2. Abstract (one page).*
3. Proposal description (no more than eight pages).*
4. Milestones (no more than one page).*
5. References (no more than one page).*
6. NSF style budget sheet—Available link at top of this page
7. NSF style two-page bio-sketch
8. NSF style Current and Pending support.

Proposals not complying with checklist will be rejected.

Submit, unstapled as a separate attachment with the proposal hard copy, an alphabetized list of 5-8 potential reviewers (including full names, addresses, fax, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses) exclusive of prior mentors or collaborators (including former students and postdoctoral associates). Failure to submit this list could possibly prevent the evaluation of a proposal. Additional referees with appropriate expertise may be consulted to aid the review process.

B. Submit Proposal Electronic Copy: Complete proposal in a single PDF file to the campus Co-Project Director via e-mail attachment.

UND: Please direct your questions to Dr. Mark Hoffmann at 701.777.2492 or

NDSU: Please direct your questions to Mr. David R. Givers at 701.231.7516 or

For information about ND EPSCoR and other funding opportunities, please visit the web site at