STTAR Request for Business Participation

Issued: January 3, 2014


Students in Technology Transfer And Research

A North Dakota University System University-Industry Technology Transfer Program

Summer 2014 Program (May 19-Aug 15)

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The Students in Technology Transfer And Research (STTAR) program provides upper-division students ( i.e., juniors through graduate students) in science, engineering, and mathematics with an opportunity to use their academic training and experience to address the most challenging science and technology-based problems faced by North Dakota companies. Although related to the more general cooperative education and internship programs offered throughout the state, the primary emphasis of STTAR is on research and development rather than sales and marketing. ND EPSCoR cost-shares the student salary.

ND EPSCoR established the STTAR program in 1994 in response to recognized state and national needs for increased technology transfer from universities to industry. Since that time, over 96 North Dakota companies from across the state have participated in this highly successful program.


The North Dakota business enterprise does NOT have to be a technology company to be eligible for assistance. However, the research effort or specific problem to be addressed must have its foundation in science, engineering, and/or mathematics. To participate, companies must demonstrate that students will make significant contributions to company performance or new product/process development using their science and technology education and experience. Companies compete for funding and must pay at least half the student salary.



  • ND EPSCoR notifies the company of the proposal award status.
  • ND EPSCoR forwards the company research topic(s) to the North Dakota University System (NDUS) Cooperative Education Offices.
  • The Cooperative Education Offices post the position; students apply to companies through CAREERlink.
  • The company screens student applications, selects interviewees, conducts interviews, and hires the student.
  • The company receives a contract, signs and returns it to ND EPSCoR.
  • Companies need to ensure that students have registered for Coop credits.
  • Students and companies maintain a liaison with the Cooperative Education/Career Office regarding the work experience.
  • Company and student each provide a final report to ND EPSCoR.
  • The STTAR contract may be extended to the academic year on a negotiated basis.


North Dakota University System students and ND residents enrolled at other colleges and universities are eligible to work with ND companies for a minimum of eight (8) and up to 12 weeks during the summer months. Students must be U.S. citizens or possess an immigration (i.e., INS) work permit and be enrolled in cooperative education course credits. Additionally, students must have completed their sophomore year.


Salary for the student must be a minimum of $400 per week ($10 per hour) for a minimum of eight (8) weeks. Please note that competitive salaries for technically-trained students generally exceed $10 per hour, based on cooperative education salary data.


The business must provide a minimum 1:1 match and can elect to increase its cost share. In the past, the cost share by North Dakota companies has been over 2:1.

The ND EPSCoR maximum contribution is up to $2,400 per student per summer ($200 per week for a maximum of 12 weeks).


Allocation of positions is based on the availability of funds. Funding for up to 25 students is anticipated.


STTAR Summer 2014 Applications are being accepted immediately with a final Due Date prior to 5:00 p.m. April 3rd, 2014. Companies are advised to apply immediately. The pool of top applicants diminish as end of academic year approaches.

STTAR Summer 2014 contract award period: May 19, 2014-August 15, 2014

April 8, 2014: Last day Co-op Education offices forward student applications  to businesses.

April 29, 2014, 5:00 pm: Last Day for Companies to Hire.

May 3, 2014: Due Date companies to notify ND EPSCoR and Co-op office of student hired.

May 8, 2014: Company signed contracts DUE toND EPSCoR.

STTAR is administered through the combined efforts of ND EPSCoR and the North Dakota University System Cooperative Education Offices.

Questions? Please contact Elizabeth Jung at 701.231.1048 or

ND EPSCoR Office Locations:

North Dakota EPSCoR - NDSU
1735 NDSU Research Park Drive-Suite 142

Dept. 4200, PO Box 6050
Fargo ND  58108-6050
701.231.8400 or 231.1048

North Dakota EPSCoR - UND
250 Carnegie Hall, Room 2
Stop 7093
Grand Forks, ND  58202-7093

ND EPSCoR is a North Dakota University System program designed to make North Dakota more nationally competitive for federal, regional, and private research grants in the sciences, engineering, and mathematics. ND EPSCoR is open to students and faculty at all state university system campuses. NDUS is an Equal Opportunity Employer.