Business Testimonials

"STTAR students come from college with up-to-date skills, which are crucial to our satellite imagery business. They have taken the pressure off me and helped us become a successful company in our initial year of operation."

Rodney Faleide, Co-Owner, AgriImiGIS, Maddock, ND

"The EPSCoR programs, STTAR and FITT (Faculty in Technology Transfer), helped share the risk in a brand new area for us--working with the universities. It made our decision to proceed much easier. The students and professor are providing the knowledge and skills we need to reach our project goals. They are contributing so much to our projects, it's hard to imagine doing this without them."

Don Hedger, President, Killdeer Mountain Manufacturing, Inc., Killdeer, ND

"Agridata, Inc. has grown to four full-time and 15 part-time employees over the past year. The students we've employed through the STTAR program are a contributing factor to our success, and many are still employed at our company. We thank you again for the opportunity to be part of the program."

David A. Hagert, President, Agridata, Inc., Grand Forks, ND

"Thank you for participating in Ryan's education in this way. Your program has been very beneficial for us as his employers as well. I hope we can continue to work with you in the future."

Rick Tronvedt, Operations Manager, Amity Technology LLC, Fargo, ND