PRE-PROPOSAL: Noon, September 3, 2008
FINAL PROPOSAL: Noon, October 15, 2008

DATE: July 1, 2008
TO: Faculty in Science, Engineering, and Mathematics
FROM: David R. Givers, Co-Project Director, ND EPSCoR, NDSU Campus
Dr. Gary E. Johnson, Co-Project Director, ND EPSCoR, UND Campus


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In anticipation of the DEPSCoR FY09 call for proposals, interested tenure, tenure-track and research faculty are invited to submit a pre-proposal. DEPSCoR requires that each state submit its proposal through the state EPSCoR office.

Each state is limited to no more than five (5) separately fundable (PI) submissions. PI awards are expected to be three-year, non-renewable grants for no less than a $350,000 request from DoD.

A PI can submit only one pre-proposal and be a Co-PI on only one additional pre-proposal.

Pre-proposal are due at Noon, September 3, 2008, in one of the ND EPSCoR offices. Following an external peer review process, no more than five (5) proposals will be chosen and reviews returned to the PIs, on or near September 25, 2008, for a final update of the full proposal.

Preliminary Guidelines:
DoD has yet to issue the Basic Agency Announcement (BAA) for FY09 submittals. The ND EPSCoR FY09 pre-proposal guidelines from last year are posted at

These may be used to commence pre-proposal concept writing in anticipation of the FY09 BAA.

When issued, the full description of the FY09 pre-proposal RFP will be posted on the ND EPSCoR webpage at

ND EPSCoR Pre-Proposal Checklist: ND EPSCoR may refuse to review any pre-proposals that do not comply with this checklist.
1. One copy of the signed institutional proposal transmittal form affixed to the original.
2. Original + 3 copies (staple all copies) – 25-page limit assembled in the following order:
a)Top Sheet – DoD cover sheet ( with Technical Point of Contact listed.
b)Copy of letter of support from appropriate DoD program manager.
c)Abstract – No more than one page and counted in the 25-page limit.
d)Text – 1-inch margins on 8.5 x 11 inch white paper, and with a font size no smaller than 10-point.
e) Curriculum Vitae – A brief vitae for key personnel critical to the research, including senior investigators.  Provide short biographical sketches and list relevant publications.  Counted in the 25-page limit.
f) Budget – Not counted in the 25 page limit (NSF style) and budget justification.

3. An electronic pdf copy, by attachment, of the pre-proposal (items 2a-f above) to your campus co-project director, or

Pre-Proposal Budget Preparation Instructions

The pre-proposal budget must address the DEPSCoR RFP guidelines for each budget category by year, include a three-year summary budget, and include details of required institutional match. For this pre-proposal only, use the NSF Style budget sheet available at

Institutions must provide a 50% match.  A typical award would consist of $350K from the DoD and $175K from institutional sources.  This match may be comprised of (1) cash or new equipment; (2) faculty time during academic year; (3) graduate student tuition waiver; and (4) waiver of indirect costs.  Details of match must be approved by the respective campus research office, and the pre-proposal must be approved by the appropriate campus research office(s) prior to submission to the ND EPSCoR office.

NDSU: Please direct your questions to Mr. David R. Givers at 701-231-7516 or
UND: Please direct your questions to Dr. Gary E. Johnson at 701-777-2492 or