DOE EPSCoR Lab Partnership Program


Issued: November 5, 2008
DEADLINE: January 12, 2009

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TO: UND/NDSU Research Community
FROM: Wayne Seames, ND DOE EPSCoR Program Director
RE: DOE EPSCoR Lab Partneship Program

The Department of Energy EPSCoR office sponsors an annual competition for the award of research grants to EPSCoR state researchers in partnership with researchers at a national laboratory to conduct nationally competitive, energy-related research with strong participation by students, postdoctoral fellows, and young faculty. In 2008, North Dakota received no awards. We want to improve on this performance.

One of the objectives of our state’s DOE EPSCoR Infrastructure Improvement program (IIP) is to increase the collaboration between North Dakota researchers and the national labs. Therefore, to improve the competitiveness of North Dakota researchers submitting lab partnership grant applications, the ND DOE EPSCoR IIP faculty invite and encourage North Dakota researchers to submit white papers for proposed submissions to the DOE EPSCoR Lab Partnership program. This submission is completely voluntary and does not limit your option to submit a grant proposal directly to the DOE Lab Partnership program without this assistance.

ND DOE EPSCoR IIP faculty will review the white papers and select up to four promising submissions. We will then work with these individuals or teams to assist them in the preparation of their preapplications and formal applications to the program in 2009. Pre-applications to DOE are usually around the end of April each year. Our assistance will include helping faculty identify the most appropriate national laboratory research team to work with and funding one or more trips to the appropriate national laboratory. We will also provide assistance in proposal preparation and review.

Checklist Requirements.

Two page limit, single spaced, 12 point font, 1 inch margins.

Submit via email in PDF format.

Submit contents in the following order:
1. PI name, title, department, email, and telephone number.
2. A list of all co-PIs with title and department.
3. A description of the proposed research concept.
4. An explanation of the relevance of the work to DOE’s mission. Note, that about 50% of the active lab partnership grants are related to DOE’s Basic Energy Sciences (BES) organization which funds very fundamental studies in the basic sciences. The other 50% of the grants are related to DOE’s mission organizations such as renewable energy, fossil energy, etc., providing a broad array of topics available for study.
5. A tentative scope of work; note that these awards are typically for three years at $165,000 per year.
6. If you already know which DOE lab/individual DOE lab researcher you would probably work with, please provide this information as well. If you don’t know yet, just state this.

Email your white paper in PDF format no later than January 12, 2009 to: (NDSU participants need to also submit a copy to