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Issued: August 22, 2006
DEADLINE: NOON, September 21, 2006

TO: Faculty in the Sciences, Engineering, and Mathematics
FROM: Gary Johnson, Co-Project Director

ND EPSCoR invites proposals from individual, tenure/tenure-track faculty in sciences, engineering, and mathematics who will initiate a research program in one or more areas supported by the National Science Foundation. Only one proposal per PI is allowed.

Proposals are due in the ND EPSCoR Office by 12 noon Friday, September 21, 2006. Awards will be announced on or about October 6, 2006. The effective award dates are from October 1, 2006 to June 30, 2007. Awards can be made for $10,000 to $20,000 for up to 9 months. ND EPSCoR at UND anticipates making 5-10 awards. Award recipients will be required to submit proposals on the ND EPSCoR-funded project to NSF by September 1, 2007.

Key points:
1. Proposals will be reviewed externally. The UND ND EPSCoR Co-Chair and Co-Project Director will select an ad hoc review committee, which will make recommendations for funding to the Co-Chair and Co-Project Director.
2. A portion of funds will be targeted for faculty with active research programs, a recent history of submitting proposals (previous two years being most relevant), who did not receive renewal funding within the previous two years, and are unable to fund existing graduate student assistantship commitment(s).

Primary evaluation criteria:
1. Scientific and technical merits of the proposed research.
2. Potential for submitting competitive research proposals to NSF by September 1, 2007.

Other evaluation criteria include but are not limited to:
• The potential to contribute to the education of future scientists, engineers, and mathematicians.
• Level of prior support from ND EPSCoR.

Check List Requirements:
Deliver the following directly to the ND EPSCoR office, Twamley Hall 415
Proposal Hard Copies: UND Proposal Transmittal Form is not required.
• Original + 7 (all copies stapled).
Proposal Electronic Copy: Send complete proposal, as a single PDF file, to
ND EPSCoR may refuse to review any proposal that does not comply with the checklist.

Submit in the Following Order:
• ND EPSCoR Cover page−Available from on ND EPSCoR web. (See below)
• Executive Summary−Distinct from the project description. One page limit.
• Project Description−No more than 8 double-spaced, one-sided pages, margins ≥ 1”, ≥ a 10-point font.
• References cited.
• Facilities and equipment description only if relevant to the proposed research. No more than one page.
• CV−NSF style. Two page limit. Include current and pending support and list of collaborators within last four years (students, post docs, and advisor).
NSF style budget sheet available from ND EPSCoR web (See below) and narrative budget justification. PI salary cannot exceed one (1) summer month (fringes must be listed on the budget). Travel expenses cannot exceed $1,000. Indirect costs are not allowed. Equipment purchases are not allowed.

Cover Sheet-IIP Seed
Budget Sheet-IIPSeed