IIP Major Equipment Grant Opportunity


ISSUED: November 6, 2012
DEADLINE: NOON, December 19, 2012

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TO:        University Researchers in the Sciences, Engineering, and Mathematics (SEM)

FROM:  Sheri Anderson, ND EPSCoR Interim Co-Project Director

ND EPSCoR invites proposals from NDSU researchers in the sciences, mathematics, and engineering (SEM) to submit proposals to address infrastructure research needs for state-of-the art equipment. The maximum request is $100,000 per proposal. Matching is encouraged, but not required. Only one proposal submission as PI is allowed but no limit as Co-PI.

Proposals are due in the ND EPSCoR Office by Noon, Wednesday, December 19th, 2012. Proposals will be reviewed by an internal panel and award announcements will be made on or about January 15, 2013. Equipment must be purchased and installed no later than April 30, 2013. ND EPSCoR anticipates making up to five awards.

Primary Evaluation Criteria:
1. Potential to contribute to the quality of existing research and to the education and training of students and post docs.
2. Potential to expand research opportunities and increase proposal submission to external agencies (includes consideration of the number of investigators impacted and the qualifications of the investigators.)
3. Quality of the plan for sustainability, including managing shared use, and budget for maintenance and upgrading of the equipment.
4. Quality and detail of input by each investigator included in the proposal regarding the purpose and use of the requested equipment.

Checklist Requirements: (Failure to comply with this checklist may result in the proposal being rejected.)
Submit both paper and electronic versions:

Proposal Paper Copies: Original + 5 copies. Staple all copies in the following order:

1. ND EPSCoR Cover page−Available from link at the top of this page.
2. Abstract-one paragraph limit.
3. Project description (No more than 6 double-spaced, one-sided pages, margins ≥ 1”, with no smaller than a 10-point font) addressing the review criteria and importance of equipment to research competitiveness. Include business model for managing the equipment describing the budget plan for maintenance and equipment updates (i.e. software).
4. Vender Quotes-Include a copy of three manufacturers’ lowest price quotes, including a quote from state vendors, if the equipment is available through them. If equipment is only available from a sole source, a one-paragraph justification is required.
5. Curriculum Vitae-One for each major equipment user. Two page limit (each) in NSF format.
6. NSF style budget sheetAvailable from link at the top of this page.

Proposal Electronic Copy: Send a complete proposal in a single PDF file to sheri.anderson@ndsu.edu via e-mail attachment with a copy to elizabeth.jung@ndsu.edu

Please indicate subject line as IIP Equip Proposal.

Please direct questions to Sheri Anderson at 231.7516; sheri.anderson@ndsu.edu or Elizabeth Jung at 231.1048; elizabeth.jung@ndsu.edu

For information about ND EPSCoR and other funding opportunities, please visit the Web site at www.ndepscor.nodak.edu