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FUNDS AVAILABLE: Approximately $100,000

Issued: December 5, 2005
Deadline: Noon, January 10, 2006

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ND NASA EPSCoR has funding available to enhance the NASA-related research infrastructure in North Dakota. The types of awards that are available focus on facilitating research collaborations between faculty in North Dakota with NASA personnel and facilities. Funds are also available for activities that enhance the research environment in North Dakota. Support categories include baccalaureate institution research collaborations, travel, initiation of new research collaboration with NASA (Seed), and student research. All requests must demonstrate alignment with NASA imperatives and stated needs. Awards to individual Principal Investigators (PIs) may be funded solely from one award type or funding may be combined from any of the award types. Awards require cost share from the PIs. All awards also require an end of year award report to be filed with the ND NASA EPSCoR office. Failure to submit reports for prior funding will be taken into account in determining funding requests. The goal of this NASA EPSCoR funding is to make award recipients nationally competitive for future non-EPSCoR solicitations.

One round of projects will be funded. Proposals are due January 10, 2006. The projects start date will be March 1, 2006 or later. All projects must be completed and funds must be expended prior to July 14, 2006.

Seed awards will provide North Dakota researchers funding to explore areas of NASA relevant research. These awards require collaboration with NASA personnel or facilities and should be used to make NASA relevant research in North Dakota competitive for non-EPSCoR funding. Awards may be used for any part of project initiation including summer salary, travel, and supplies. Equipment is not allowed. The required outcome of these awards is a full research proposal to NASA or other major funding agency within 18 months of the end of the award. The required PI:EPSCoR match is 1:4.

Seed awards for faculty from Baccalaureate Institutions provide up to $7,500 per award (maximum of 4 awards) to help expand the NASA-related research infrastructure across North Dakota. These awards are to build collaborations with faculty at the University of North Dakota and North Dakota State University and with NASA centers. The required outcome of this funding is a collaborative project that will compete for one of the seed awards and/or external funding. Funds can be used for salary, travel, and supplies. The required PI:EPSCoR match is 1:4.

Student research fellowships are designed to involve graduate students in NASA relevant research so that they may mature into the workforce that will best support future NASA needs. Student research fellowships can be combined with seed grants, or they can be stand-alone awards. Awards may be used for any part of the student research including GRA, travel, and supplies. The required PI: EPSCoR match is 1:5. If a GRA is requested, a tuition waiver must be provided as match. Significant student involvement in NASA collaborations will be expected. Only US Citizens are eligible for these fellowships.

The original and ten copies of the proposal must be received at the NDSU or UND EPSCoR offices by noon (See deadline listed above). Also electronic submission of the proposal and budget as a single Portable Document Format (PDF) should be sent as attachment to Carla Kellner (

All questions regarding this announcement should be addressed to Dr. Shan de Silva ( 701-777-3558) or Carla Kellner ( 701-777-2492).

More complete award submission information can be found at the ND EPSCoR web site: