Product Design Center (PDC)


Program Announcement
   Due Dates: Noon,

2nd Wed. each month

TO:  Faculty and Researchers in the Sciences, Engineering, and Mathematics

FROM:  David R. Givers, Co-Project Director, ND EPSCoR, NDSU Office

Mark R. Hoffmann, Co-Project Director, ND EPSCoR, UND Office

RE: Product Design Center (PDC)

PDC's goal is to increase the opportunities for researchers to commercialize their work. PDC will facilitate connections between Chief Technology Officers, R & D Managers and other technical leaders in the private sector and faculty in the early stages of their research projects. These activities will assess the commercial potential of the proposed research project. Private sector advisees may be invited to campus to consult with interested faculty. Both parties would be bound by confidentiality agreements. The optimum case is one in which the consultant sees sufficient value that he/she encourages his/her company to fund the costs of sponsored research agreements and patenting that result in licensing and marketing of the new technology. Success will depend on: 1) “matching” of the consultant with the skill sets and programs on the campuses; and 2) establishing the private – academic relationship as early as possible in the research design process.

Allowable Costs
Consultant fees and travel costs not to exceed $2500.

To Apply
One to two page letter that includes (in the following order)
• PI name, title, department, office address, phone and fax numbers, and email address.
• Research title and brief description of project.
• List of questions related to commercialization of your research that you want answered.
• List of potential consultants and contacts to include name of visitor, his/her title, name and short description of the company.

For information on campus technology transfer see the UND and NDSU web pages: and

UND: Please direct your questions to Dr. Mark R Hoffmann at 701-777-2492 or

NDSU: Please direct your questions to Mr. David R. Givers at 701-231-7516 or