FUNDS AVAILABLE: Up to $96,000
Issued: December 10, 2010
Deadline: Noon, March 2, 2011

TO:         UND and NDSU Faculty in Sciences, Engineering and Mathematics
FROM:   Dr. Santhosh Seelan, Director, ND NASA EPSCoR
RE:         ND NASA EPSCoR Faculty Seed Research Opportunities

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Budget Summary form

Cover Sheet-Seed Res

North Dakota NASA EPSCoR is currently soliciting faculty seed research proposals from University of North Dakota (UND) and North Dakota State University (NDSU) faculty in physical sciences, engineering, and mathematics. Seed research proposals are designed to help faculty gain experience in formulating high-quality, rigorous research programs that have significant potential for non-NASA EPSCoR funding following the award period.

Awards require 1:0.5 non-federal match from the PI, meaning, the PI must supply $0.5 in match for every $1 from ND NASA EPSCoR. Acceptable sources of match include state-appropriated faculty salary and cash. NDSU PIs must state in the budget summary that any PI salary used as match occurs during the academic year. UND PIs must include dates of the pay period being used for match, percent of effort, and source of faculty salary including a fund and department number. All sources of match can only be applied to the time period of the award. All awards require: 1) an end-of-year award report to be filed with the ND EPSCoR office, and 2) submission of a regular research proposal to NASA or NSF within 12 months of the end of the seed research funding. Failure to submit a regular research proposal to NASA or NSF will preclude the PI from further funding via ND NASA EPSCoR.

Preference will be given to proposals that align with ND NASA EPSCoR research priorities, which include planetary space suit research, astronomical/planetary sciences research, earth sciences research, and materials science research. Preference will also be given to beginning, untenured faculty who have not yet received a ND NASA EPSCoR award. One major goal of the ND NASA EPSCoR program is to establish and nurture niche, NASA-related research focus areas in North Dakota that will attract additional NASA research funding to the state. Visit the ND NASA EPSCoR web site for more information at: www.ndnasaepscor.space.edu

The sources of funds for this RFP are NASA, and ND cost share. We anticipate up to two or three awards at each campus. Faculty seed research funds will be available beginning April 16, 2011 (or July 1, 2011 where state funds are awarded), and must be spent no later than April 15, 2012. Proposers are encouraged to utilize the 2009 NRA Proposers Guidebook for guidance, which can be found here: www.hq.nasa.gov/office/procurement/nraguidebook

If the PI has concurrently submitted a travel grant proposal to ND NASA EPSCoR, then the travel grant can be used to support the seed research proposal. This must be clearly indicated in the seed research proposal.

Checklist Requirements (submit in the following order):
1. Cover page that lists principal investigator (PI) contact information, amount of funding request, department chair signature, and a statement that the PI has/has not received ND NASA EPSCoR funding since April 16, 2010. Use the Cover page available at : http://www.ndsu.edu/epscor/rfps/documents/NasaSeedCovShtpdfForm10.pdf

2. A 5-10 page description of the proposed research that includes the following items:

a. Description of the primary research question and/or purpose
b. Description of the methodological approach and techniques
c. Relevance to NASA
d. Preliminary research results, if applicable
e. Nature and extent of collaborations with NASA personnel
f. Contact information of NASA collaborators
g. Letter from NASA collaborators that will contribute to this research
h. Description of the PI’s plan to secure future NASA funding after any NASA EPSCoR funding
i. Reference list, as appropriate

3. A detailed budget. Use the Budget Summary form at this web site: http://www.ndsu.edu/epscor/rfps/documents/NASAbudgetsumform10.pdf Include a one-page budget narrative along with the Budget Summary that itemizes, describes, and justifies each budget item. Include a separate, more detailed budget, if necessary, to provide sufficient detail.

Original and two stapled copies of proposals are due in your campus ND EPSCoR office by Noon, March 2, 2011. Also, an electronic submission of the proposal as a single, unlocked PDF attachment must be sent to Carla Kellner at carla.kellner@research.und.edu

Following the review process by the ND NASA EPSCoR Technical Advisory Committee, PIs will be contacted to gain a signed transmittal form. NDSU transmittal forms are available through Sponsored Programs Administration at www.ndsu.nodak.edu/research/spa/index.php

Questions regarding this announcement can be addressed to Santhosh Seelan, Director, ND NASA EPSCoR, seelan@space.edu 701-777-2355 or Carla Kellner, carla.kellner@research.und.edu 701-777-2492.