FUNDS AVAILABLE: Up to $45,000
Issued: January 10, 2012
Deadline: Noon, February 22, 2012

TO:         UND and NDSU Faculty in Sciences, Engineering and Mathematics
FROM:   Dr. Santhosh Seelan, Director, North Dakota NASA EPSCoR
RE:         ND NASA EPSCoR Travel Opportunities

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Budget Summary Form

Travel Cover Sheet


As a result of travel augmentation funds received recently from NASA, North Dakota NASA EPSCoR is soliciting travel proposals from science and engineering faculty at University of North Dakota and North Dakota State University. The travel awards under the current augmentation are meant for: 1) Current NASA CAN Science PIs and their team members (collaborating faculty and graduate students) to visit NASA centers for direct on-site interactions with their Technical Monitors and to network with other NASA scientists to develop further collaborations on futuristic ideas; 2) Current and recent (2010 & 2011) NASA EPSCoR RID PIs and their team members (collaborating faculty and graduate students) to visit relevant NASA Centers and facilities for direct, on-site interactions with their NASA collaborators and their science, engineering, and technology development colleagues. Science-PIs are encouraged to present research progress and findings in formal presentations to interested NASA personnel during such visits; and 3) Potential, future NASA EPSCoR PIs (faculty only) to identify NASA collaborators and travel to NASA Centers to initiate engagements and discussions with NASA researchers in areas of mutual interests to stimulate future collaborations and participation in joint proposals.

Conference and international travel are not permitted under this award. Non-travel items will not be funded through this RFP. The number of travel days must be kept to the minimum required. The goal of this NASA EPSCoR funding is to make award recipients nationally competitive for future, external research solicitations. Travel funds will be available beginning March 15, 2012 and must be spent no later than April 15, 2013. We anticipate up to 10 or 12 awards at each campus.

Checklist of requirements:

    1. A cover page that lists principal investigator (PI) contact information, amount of award requested, department chair signature, and a statement clearly indicating under which of the three categories the award is sought. Use the Cover Sheet at the top of this page.
    2. A 2-3 page detailed description of the proposed travel, its relevance to NASA, and how the travel will benefit or facilitate the PI’s research activities.
    3. Name and contact information of collaborating NASA researcher(s) and invitation letters from them.
    4. A detailed budget. Use the Budget Summary form at the top of this page.
    5. Include a one-page budget narrative along with the Budget Summary that itemizes, describes, and justifies each budget item. Include a separate, more detailed budget, if necessary. A signed proposal transmittal form is not required from either campus unless so indicated in a subsequent award letter.
    6. If applicable, include a statement describing how a graduate student will benefit from this travel.

Original and two stapled copies of proposals are due at your campus ND NASA EPSCoR office by noon, February 22, 2012. Also, an electronic submission of the proposal as a single, unlocked PDF attachment must be sent to Carla Kellner of ND NASA EPSCoR office at carla.kellner@research.und.edu

A one-page report is due at the end of the travel to carla.kellner@research.und.edu Please attach a copy to the travel reimbursement voucher when submitting to your campus ND EPSCoR office.

Questions regarding this announcement can be addressed to Santhosh Seelan, Director, ND NASA EPSCoR seelan@space.edu 701-777-2355.