NEW Grant Proposal Opportunities


Issued: March 24, 2010

USDA REQUEST FOR APPLICATIONS website can be found at:

Note: The power point presentation link below describes USDA program changes.

Get Ready Notification
NEW Grant Proposal Opportunities
Issued: March 18, 2010


TO:      Faculty in the Sciences, Engineering, and Mathematics
FROM: David R. Givers, Co-Project Director, ND EPSCoR, NDSU office
            Mark Hoffmann, Co-Project Director, ND EPSCoR, UND office
RE:      USDA Get Ready Notification for Grant Proposal Opportunities

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USDA has reorganized its EPSCoR program with new opportunities for funding. A power point presentation describing the changes can be found at

The file has advanced information of new opportunities expected in a series of upcoming RFPs . Expected program changes include:


  • USDA and USDA EPSCoR will focus on five new/reorganized national strategic research priorities.
  • USDA EPSCoR funding is expected to increase. President Obama increased research agency budgets including USDA.
  • Size of awards will increase. The big change is the call for large scale collaborative research—up to $25M for up to five years.
  • Emphasis on inter/trans-disciplinary research requirement. Researchers should expect that collaborations with other states, especially EPSCoR states, will be important.


At this point ND EPSCoR does not plan to issue a call for white papers for the large scale collaborative research program unless something changes when the official USDA RFP is issued. It appears that proposals will be submitted by individual investigators. A letter of intent from PIs to USDA will likely be required for collaborative proposals.

This is a fast track program. Time to write and submit may be 90 days or less after the RFP is issued. The 90 days could include time for the review of the letter of intent.

Now is the time for faculty to begin formulating research concepts and forming teams to address the upcoming changes in USDA EPSCoR. The highest likelihood for success occurs during the initial round of funding whenever any agency research program makes changes. Proposal success rates revert to the mean after the first round of any new program competition.