Supplemental Online Training Opportunities

Several online training modules, focused on equity, respect, and inclusion, are now available to NDSU employees and students.  Training title availability is depending upon the primary role of the individual at NDSU. Some of those titles include:

Student Empower Plus - student-focused, related to discrimination, harassment, and sexual misconduct
Bullying Prevention - student-focused, related to interpersonal ways of addressing bullying behavior
The Bystander Effect - related to intervention when one witnesses sexual misconduct or bullying behaviors
Americans with Disabilities Act and ADA Amendments Act - helpful for employees with questions about ADA and reasonable accommodations
Power of Respectful Language - addresses respect and inclusion
Uncovering Implicit Bias - addresses respect and inclusion

These titles can be accessed at the following link: (Please note: If you have difficulty logging in, try another web browser.)

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