Resolving Discrimination, Harassment, and Title IX Complaints

Many universities have faced legal challenges claiming those involved with resolving complaints (administrators, review committee members, hearing officers, etc.) were not properly trained or that proper policies and procedures were not followed while addressing Title IX, discrimination and harassment complaints.  On September 13, 2018, Attorney Sara G. McGrane offered three workshops at NDSU to ensure that all those who are involved in resolving discrimination, harassment complaints, including gender and disability discrimination, are properly trained when addressing these important issues. 

Workshop for Chairs, Heads, and Directors.  Materials

Workshop for Review Committee Members and Hearing Officers.  Materials

Workshop for President's Cabinet, VPs, and Deans.  Materials

To view the training that was recorded at the Chairs, Heads, and Directors session, take note of the instructions below to access the video and then click here
***Instructions for viewing: after clicking on the link and being taken to the YouTube page, you will need to click on the three horizontal lines in the upper left hand corner to get a drop down menu.  Scroll down until you see the Sign in now to see your channels and recommendations! Click on the blue SIGN IN. It will take you to the Google email login. Enter your NDSU email address. You will now be taken to Central Authentication Service page, please enter your NDSU Username and Password in the designated spaces and click LOGIN. You will need to choose an authentication method for the Duo authentication. Once this has been done you should now be taken to the YouTube video and it will automatically start playing.

About the presenter: Sara G. McGrane is President, Attorney, Partner, Litigator at the Law firm of Felhaber Larson and chair of the Minnesota State Bar Association's Labor and Employment Law Section. She is "an experienced litigator who has handled hundreds of matters in both the federal and state courts of many states, including Minnesota and North Dakota."  McGrane's experience includes working as Assistant Attorney General in the North Dakota Attorney General's Office.  For Sara McGrane's bio please see

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