NDSU Inclusion Committee

In Fall 2017, the NDSU Inclusion Committee will begin meeting to advise and guide institutional efforts to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all students, faculty, and staff.

The focus and structure of this committee will be guided by the work of more than thirty faculty and staff from across the university who met in Fall 2016 and participated in an appreciative inquiry process.  This group considered the strengths and opportunities for growth at the university, related to structures, processes, resources, and initiatives that impact diversity and inclusion.  Among the outcomes of this process were two items that will guide the future work of the NDSU Inclusion Committee: a provocative proposition and a draft action plan.

Provocative Proposition:

The NDSU community prioritizes and values diversity and inclusion. We take collective responsibility for ensuring a sense of belonging, respect, and justice that support the success of each person.

Action Plan:


To view the full action plan, click here.

Membership in the NDSU Inclusion Committee will be representative of the variety of stakeholder groups existing within the university structure.  Additionally, NDSU community members are invited to nominate themselves to be part of the Inclusion Committee.  Self-nominating letters, outlining an individual's skills and experiences to bring to this group, should be sent to ndsu.eoaa@ndsu.edu.  Those selected for membership on the NDSU Inclusion Committee will be notified by September.

NDSU Advancing Inclusion Award

The Advancing Inclusion Award is given annually to an NDSU department, committee, group, or unit that has worked collaboratively to promote an inclusive culture by enhancing or contributing to the overall environment of the community or university. The award recognizes the implementation of practices, programs, procedures, and similar actionable processes which result in a mutually identified sense of belonging and thriving for all people across any number of axes of diversity including: race, class, sex, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, national origin, religion, age, and veteran status among others. VIEW AWARD INFORMATION.

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