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Thursday, August 29, 2013
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry (Conference/Workshop/Seminar)

Pinjing Zhao, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, North Dakota State University, Fargo, will present a faculty promotion seminar entitled, "The Fellowship of the RING: Rational Design of CATALYTIC CYCLES with New Knowledge in Organotransition Metal Chemistry".
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Late transition metal-based homogeneous catalysis is one of the most powerful tools for synthetic chemists. Rational design of catalytic cycles for more efficient and eco-friendly chemical synthesis relies on better understanding of structure-reactivity relationships of reactive organometallic intermediates. Toward this goal, we have developed a number of new catalytic C-C and C-N coupling reactions and have gained significant insights into the corresponding catalytic cycles. A common theme of this presentation is metal-mediated activation of C-C and C-H bonds for catalysis development. In particular, we have studied stoichiometric decarboxylation reactions with discrete Rh(1) carboxylate complexes, which has led to several catalytic decarboxylative transformations of arenecarboxylic acids. Analysis of the decarboxylation catalytic cycle has inspired us to develop a mechanistically related Rh(1) catalyst system for hydroarylation of activated olefins with polyfluoroarenes. We have also developed a series of novel and highly atom-efficient catalytic transformations using N-unprotected aromatic ketimines as convenient building blocks. We aim to improve these new catalytic methods with better reaction mechanism understanding and to seek broader applications in chemical synthesis.

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Location: Minard 116
Price: Free
Host: Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Contact: Wendy J. Leach
E-Mail: wendy.leach@ndsu.edu


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