Advice for success and staying connected

apart but together

NDSU students have advice for their classmates on how to succeed in the virtual classroom, keeping mentally sharp and staying connected with the campus community as they move toward the end of the semester. 


“Our advice for finishing this semester’s classes online is to stay positive and be in constant communication with your professors and fellow students. This is truly an unprecedented time for our campus community. But we will get through this together.”

–Mason Rademacher, NDSU Student Body President  
–Joseph Vollmer, NDSU Student Body Vice President


“I think the most important thing to do is to always keep that end goal in mind. As a senior, I have just been reminding myself that this is the last semester and that I can finish strong. My goal of applying for and getting my first teaching job also has also kept me motivated.  Whether it be getting a job, graduating or getting an “A” in a class, it is important to remember what your goal is.”

–Cole Walters, Social science education


“Your mental health, especially now, is vital to your success. Work hard but don’t forget to take breaks and do things that make you happy. Take your dog for a walk, do yoga, call loved ones, journal, bake cookies. Although these times are tough, there is always something we can be grateful for.”

–Amanda Nelson, English education


“Reaching out to my classmates and having their support during this time has helped me. We’re all facing different barriers and struggles, but ultimately, we’ve all been on this journey together as dietetics students. We all have the same end goal to graduate and become registered dietitians.”

–Melissa Glatt, Dietetics


“Schedule virtual study dates with your classmates. Stay engaged and participate just like you would in a classroom. Let’s help motivate each other to finish the semester out strong!”

–Riley Hart, Nursing


“While I do miss seeing my friends, we make it a point to FaceTime to catch up. It is a great way to connect and break up the day. I know this situation isn't what any of us had planned, but I’m confident we will all get through it together and come out stronger than before.”

–Taylor Schmidt, Political science


“Control what you can, and try to stick to your normal routine as much as possible. I’m usually busy from 9 to 5, so I’ve been focused on studying and doing homework. It’s really helped. Remember to take breaks, too.”

–Alex Meyer, Apparel, merchandising and design


“Set aside time every day and have a plan for what you want to get done. As long as you are on top of it, you will succeed.”

–Baylee Gartner, Physical education

“Plan homework time, healthy meals, as well as plenty of physical activity every day. Adding physical activity into your daily schedule can actually boost cognitive function and help you stay focused.”

–Amanda Anderson, Physical education