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STEM Classroom/Lab Building

This new state-of-the-art STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics) instruction building on campus will be built to address the classroom and laboratory needs of students. NDSU believes that the “universal” design of the building will also serve as a statewide model for other colleges and universities. Most of the current classrooms and laboratories are 40-100 years old and do not have the technology, infrastructure or environment required to meet the teaching needs of the University today or in the future. In addition, the shortage of classroom and limited office space on campus has made it difficult to renovate outdated, deteriorating academic buildings.

This project would 1) provide state-of-the-art, safe spaces for science and technology instruction; 2) free up and allow for better use of existing space to support research and teaching in STEM areas; 3) support the unanimous top capital project priority of all colleges, deans and senior academic leadership at NDSU, the business community and the state of North Dakota by providing excellent educational opportunities in the STEM fields of study; and 4) align with the third goal of the SBHE, which states “Economic development through quality education, research, training and service”. This project also addresses $150,000 in deferred maintenance issues.

Spaces in the building would be devoted exclusively to labs and traditional science and engineering classrooms as well as modular “open frame” flexible classrooms that would range in size from 20 to an auditorium that would house 250-500 students. The building would also add much needed classroom space to the campus as student enrollment has outgrown the available space and there are no accommodations for any future growth.

STEM Construction Site on 04/02/2015

STEM Drawings

Construction and Building Information

Updated Floor Plans - 06/15/2015

Typical Room Information -  "Baseball Cards" 05/14/2015

Space Guide

Advisory Committee Meeting Agendas

11/05/2013 Agenda

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