Large Passenger (LP) Guidelines

Large passenger (LP) vans (vans with a rated capacity of 11 -15 persons) have come under scrutiny because of their increasing involvement in rollover crashes that often cause multiple fatalities and injuries. State Fleet Services has introduced a new policy regarding the use of Large Passenger vans. In conjunction with this new policy North Dakota State University has implemented a training program for all staff, faculty and students who will be driving LP vans.

Training for LP vans includes a web-based instructional program and a behind the wheel driving component. Both sessions must be completed to obtain certification. (Behind the wheel component may be waived with CDL licensing). The web-based portion, to be completed prior to behind the wheel, takes approximately 20 minutes and will be given in the training room at Thorson Maintenance Center. Behind the wheel testing will be done on a course set up at the Fargo Dome parking lot; this portion will take approximately 15 minutes.

All LP drivers must have completed both components of training prior to vehicle release.

LP Training Schedule

Behind the wheel training available from 8 AM to Noon on the following dates:

Please call Motor Pool Office for winter schedule
•    May 21, 2020 (Thursday)
•    June 11, 2020 (Thursday)
•    Aug. 13, 2020 (Thursday)
•    Sept. 10, 2020 (Thursday)

            Call Motor Pool at 701-231-9619 to schedule individualized training.  Future dates of training not yet determined, please check back for updates.

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