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Construction and Maintenance

The Facilities Management Construction and Maintenance team provides all construction services from architect selection, programming, design development, construction documents, code review, bidding, contract award, and project management for the Capital Projects on the NDSU Campus.  As part of the project management services, we have the responsibility for compliance with North Dakota Century Code, SBHE and NDSU policies as well as management of the project budget.  We also have developed and are constantly updating the NDSU Campus Design Guidelines which help ensure our facilities are constructed to high quality standards.  Our team is here to assist NDSU Departments with remodeling and renovations to existing facilities.  We will provide a detailed estimate, manage the process from start to finish, and work to ensure the process is seamless and as non-disruptive as it can be.   Our group assists in long term Campus Master Planning and can assist departments with their planning efforts.  We also maintain campus maps and utility infrastructure drawings.

NDSU maintenance staff is always available for responsive and efficient building and system issues. We have licensed mechanics, electricians, plumbers, and skilled craftsman to assist with any of your needs. It is our dedication to provide quality work with a timely response to keep NDSU running efficiently. Our trades shops are made up of carpentry, cabinet shop, electrical, key/locks, painting, plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning.  Our team manages the following contracted services: elevators, air compressors, fire alarms, fire suppression, and emergency generators.

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Current RFQ's

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To receive copies of the full RFQ please contact Cheryl Cicha at 701-231-7912 or

Current Projects

NDSU Apartment 1701

This project consists of demolition and construction starting in the southwest corner of University and 17th Ave. All asbestos will be abated from six buildings and then they will be demolished. These buildings will be replaced with one 86 unit four story apartment building featuring studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments with common laundry areas on each floor. A common interior corridor will be included for safety and security. Other improved safety features will include video surveillance of outside doors, a fire sprinkler system, an upgraded fire alarm system, and card access. A community room will be included on floors second through fourth. The building will be equipped with data and TV for each unit. A recycling room will be available for residents on each floor. Site improvements and a parking lot consisting of approximately 100 spaces will also be constructed. An additional benefit of this design will allow for more green space and better parking in future phases.

Catherine Cater Hall

Click here for current still shot from construction camera.

The current design for the New Residence Hall encompasses an approximately 130,000 sq. ft., six-story tall building containing around 390 beds that will be targeted towards second year students. The first floor will incorporate the hall’s building services, public and community spaces, such vending, laundry, hall director office, community room, and tentative community kitchen, along with separate apartments for a Residence Hall Director and a Faculty-in-Residence.  Floors two through six will each be separated into two wings that will accommodate all of the student resident rooms along with resident commons spaces. Each wing will house a 39-student ‘community’ composed of approximately nineteen 2-bedroom, double occupancy units with a shared bathroom and one separate single occupancy RA suite with bathroom along with a community study room. The two-bedroom double occupancy units average 630 sq. ft. each and the RA unit is 250 sq. ft. Each floor of two communities will share a central floor lounge, smaller study/huddle spaces and floor support spaces. 

Ellig Softball Complex

This project is Phase I and will include new ADA compliant grandstands, a reconfigured backstop, a press box for game announcing via radio and television, demolition of the existing concession/restroom building and relocation of the irrigation pumps to a pump pit. As long as the bidding climate is advantageous, this phase will also include a new scoreboard/sound system.
A master plan for the complex was completed and includes several phases. Future phases will include a visitor’s bullpen, outfield modifications, a new concession/restroom/locker room facility, ticket booth, lighting, material storage area and other site improvements.

Phase I Construction Documents

NQ Lot

A new parking lot will be constructed along 17th Ave. N. directly south of Research Park Drive. The lot will serve a variety of customers including students residing in on-campus dorms and apartments, commuter students, and also spectators taking in various activities in the Shelly Ellig Track and Field Building, Dacotah Field, Redhawks baseball at Newman Outdoor Field and football games in the FargoDome. The project will include lighting, a sidewalk and fence along the south side, and a driveway for the lot will tie into 17th Ave. N.

Construction Documents

Walster 315/345 Remodel

Walster Hall will be remodeling classroom 315 into an updated classroom with the ability to rearrange classroom furniture into multiple teaching configurations. Lab 345 will be updated with new equipment and casework. As part of this remodel, the men’s and women’s restrooms will be updated and a new gender neutral bathroom will be added.

Future Projects

Campus Water/Sewer/Street Project

This project will replace existing water and sanitary sewer mains that are past their useful life, add storm sewer piping, and regrade/replace the street. The work will be located along Administration Avenue, south of Centennial Boulevard, down to approximately the Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering building.

  • The sanitary sewer line in this section of street routinely requires flushing because pieces of the clay tile pipe fall, plugging the line. The clay soils in the valley cause the pipes to shift, producing separations and misalignments within the line. A videotape of the interior of the existing pipe shows that flat sections of the line are producing flow issues and sagging portions are creating ponding problems. This piping will be removed and replaced with proper slope.
  • The cast iron water piping is well past its service life and will be replaced.
  • This stretch of Administration Avenue does not have storm sewer piping, so water from roof drains runs across sidewalks and creates icy spots in the winter. With added storm piping, we will correct this issue.
  • The street will be re-graded and replaced to the correct slope for storm water runoff. The street historically has required yearly patching because of shifting due to freeze/thaw conditions. The improperly sloped road causes water ponding that contributes to additional maintenance issues.

Memorial Union Reroof

The Memorial Union has been built with several additions with the original building fundraising starting in 1947 and the latest addition/remodel completed in 2015.  The lower floors of the facility house the MU Dining Center and the Campus Rec and Outing Center. The upper floors of the building house the Bookstore, several student oriented services, art gallery, and meeting rooms.    

The existing roof over the older portions of the building was last replaced in 1989. A new fully adhered roof system will be installed to maintain the watertight integrity of the building. The current project will replace the 28-year-old system that is past its useful 20-year life. The roof has had several leaks repaired over the past five years including some minor interior damage from the leaks. The EPDM seams are starting to pull beyond acceptable limits on the penthouses and repairs are needed very soon.

QBB Deferred Maintenance Projects

QBB was dedicated in 1993.  Originally, the third and fourth floor plans were designated for industrial agriculture and included agricultural utilization labs, research labs for food and nonfood uses.  The telecommunications and data centers located in the basement and first floor contain critical infrastructure for NDSU and the State of North Dakota. Network operation offices, computer science labs and classrooms, several general computer classrooms, an auditorium, and offices are also on the first floor and in the basement. This project will consist of repairing/replacing several deferred maintenance issues:

  • Replace existing CRAC (Computer Room Air Conditioners) units that are original to the construction of the building and located in the server rooms. The outdoor condensing units will be replaced, new refrigeration piping will be installed, and associated electrical work completed. It is difficult and expensive to find parts for repairs; they are past their useful life and have issues keeping up with the load demanded. The project will be designed and sequenced to minimize downtime while changing over from the old system to the new.
  • A new roof system is needed to maintain the watertight integrity of the building. The current project will replace the 25-year-old system that is past its useful 20-year life. The roof has had leaks repaired over the past couple of years. The EPDM roof edge seams are starting to pull beyond acceptable limits and will need costly repairs very soon. Along with the roof system, the translucent panel skylight over the lobby will be replaced as it too is past its useful life.  

Past Projects


Churchill underwent a major renovation.  Phase 1 will be completed in the Fall of 2016 which includes adding drain tile, waterproofing to the perimeter, and adding egress windows for the lower level.  Phase 2 will be completed by Fall 2017 and will include an interior renovation to the entire building.  Click here for more photos.

Resident Dining Center

The Resident Dining Center added space for another 200 seats and room to accommodate a meeting room for large groups to dine together. The main dining area was expanded with new food stations to offer more “made to order” food choices and healthier options.

Click here for more images.

Sandford Health Athletic Complex

Formerly known as Bison Sports Arena.

Click here for more details.

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