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Croll Group 2017

Back: Carrie Bleyenberg(Governor's School Student), Andrew B. Croll (Boss)

Front: Alexandra Rice (Governor's School Student), Theresa Elder (M.Sc. Candidate, Materials), Timothy Twohig (Ph.D. Candidate, Physics)

Timothy Twohig


Degree Information:

Candidate for Ph.D., Physics NDSU.

B.Sc., Physics with minors in Mathematics and Chemistry, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, 2014.



Current Research:

Tim is currently investigating aging and creep in thin polymer structures and elasto-capillary interactions with thin polymer films.

Theresa Elder


Degree Information:

Candidate for Ph.D., Materials and Nanotechnology.

M.Sc., Materials and Nanotechnology, North Dakota State University.

B.A., Professional Chemistry, Biology, Minot State University.



Research Interests:

  • Polyelectrolyte colloids and structures
  • Bending of polymer films

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