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Prospective Students!

The Croll research group provides an easy-going atmosphere, state of the art experimental tools, and solid research.  Our philosophy is about having fun by discovering and understanding new phenomena.  Working towards a Ph.D. is hard, but if you work on exciting problems it will seem much less difficult. 

The skills you gain in the Croll group will help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be.  As we are an experimental group real hands-on skills will be gained in instrument building, microscopy and sample preparation.  Analysis skills gained through understanding your experiments will also prove universally beneficial to your future.  And of course, the knowledge you gain in studying polymers and nanotechnology will never hurt.  If you are interested in soft matter, be that fundamental physics or more applied projects, and you think you might fit in to the Croll group please contact me with and let me know about your interests.


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