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Refereed Publications:

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Note: featured on the back journal cover.

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Note: featured on the journal cover.

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Note: featured on the back journal cover.

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Note: featured on the journal cover.

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Note: this work appeared on the inside cover of Advanced Materials and was covered by the scientific media including Science Daily, Technology Review, Daily Tech and Mass High Tech.

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Note: this work appeared on the cover of Phys. Rev. Lett., and since then been picked up by the scientific media including a review in Nature Nanotechnology's 'News and Views' (January 2007), Science Magazine's 'ScienceShots' (December 2006), and Nature Magazine's year end Photo Spread (December 2007).

Non-Refereed Contributions:

Croll, A.B., Shi, A-C, Dalnoki-Veress, K., and Matsen, M.W. (2008) Block Copolymer Lamella: Simple Experiments and Complex Physics. Physics in Canada – Physic au Canada. 64, 126.


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