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Amelia Berkeley

Imaginary Professor
College of Imagination
Office: 701.231.xxxx
Office Hours: Sometimes

Curriculum vitae

BS, Mechanical Engineering, North Dakota State University
MS, Imagination Studies, Imaginary University

Positions held

At NDSU since 2001
2006-present, Holder-downer of the fort
2004-2006, Master typist
2003-2004, Subject matter expert
2001-2003, Noob

External service and assignments

  • Member of WOAC
  • Occasional tooter of horns
  • Master of imaginary ceremonies

Current research and interests

  • Design thinking
  • Do more with less strategy
  • Sustainable design
  • Make it all work like magic research

Selected papers and publications

  • "Computing in Education" in Do it better, pg.2. The Journal of Higher Education, 2009.
  • "I don't know" in Another one, pg. 5-20. The Journal of Something Else, 2009.


  • IM 299 - Imagine more, Fall 2009

Honors and awards

  • Licensed imagination, 2009

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