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Webster Research Group

Winter 2020: Jingbo Wu, Raul Setien, Joe Dahlgren, AliReza Rahimi, Jackson Benda, Michael Odegaard, Marta Vonsul, Dean Webster, Alex Hart, Olena Shafranska, Ivan Hevus, Eri Matsukawa, Hannah Booher. Not pictured: Jonas Sahouani, Shikhin Nardkani

Postdoctoral Associates
Research Staff

Ivan Hevus

Olena Shafranska
Jingbo Wu
Graduate Students

Undergraduate Researchers


Jackson Benda

Raul Setien

Alexander Hart

Shikhin Nardkani

Jonas Sahouani

Hannah Booher

Michael Odegaard

Joseph Dahlgren

Marta Vonsul
Morgen Hagerott

Maryam Safaripour


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