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Past Group Members

Postdoctoral Associates

Dr. Fawn Uhl, Owens-Corning
Dr. Dipak Chattopadhyay, Mayur Uniquoters, India
Dr. Partha Sengupta, University of Southern Mississippi
Dr. Abhijit Jadhav, BASF
Dr. Samali Datta, Montgomery County Community College
Dr. Songqi Ma, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ningbo
Dr. Jingling Yan, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ningbo
Dr. Ihor Tarnavchyk, Renuvix LLC, Fargo

Graduate Students

Dr. Heather Nash Goulet, Bobcat, Gwinner, N.D.
Dr. Peter Edwards, Medtronic, Jacksonville, Fl.
Dr. Neena Ravindran, Tecton Industries, Fargo
Dr. Zhigang Chen, Minerals Technologies, Inc., S.C.
Dr. Partha Majumdar, Dow Chemical Company, Collegeville, Pa.
Roopashree Suryanarayana, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Dr. Alan Ekin, Covestro, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Dr. Ankit Vora, Facebook
Dr. Samali Datta, Montgomery County Community College, Pa.
Dr. Robert Pieper, Element Materials Technology
Dr. Umesh Harkal, Henkel
Dr. Stacy Sommer, 3M, St. Paul, Minn.
Dr. Xiao Pan, DuPont, Shanghai
Dr. Rajan Bodkhe, 3M, St. Paul, Minn.
Dr. Erin Pavlacky, H. B. Fuller
Dr. Chavanin Siripirom, University of Alabama
Dr. T.J. Nelson, 3M, St. Paul, Minn.
Dr. Teluka Galhenage, Sherwin-Williams, Cleveland, Oh.
Dr. Adlina Paramarta, Mori, Boston, Mass.
Dr. Arvin Yu, Michelman, Cincinnati, Ohio
Dr. Madhura Pade, Materia, Pasadena, Ca.
Dr. Deep Kalita, Renuvix LLC, Fargo
Dr. Eric Krall, Axalta Coatings, Fridley, Minn.
Dr. Samantha Silbert, Tecton Industries, Fargo
Dr. AliReza Rahimi, Applied Medical Technology, Inc., Brecksville, Ohio
Dr. Jackson Benda, Sherwin-Williams, Minneapolis
Dr. Raul Setien, Sherwin-Williams, Minneapolis
Mr. Morgen Hagerott, Elinor Coatings, Fargo


Jon Neitfeld, currently at 3M

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