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Personal Activities

My life revolves around three activities:

     My work

     My family and friends


I try to integrate these activities as often as possible.



     My work activities are outlined in on the my main webpage and in the Lab Activities.  The link to my vita will list these activities in more detail.  



Family and Friends 

     I will be adding pictures of my family over the years.  Click here for my family pictures once I have loaded them in here.



But most people find my travels more interesting.

At this time I have traveled on the continents of Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America. I have been swimming in the Atlantic, Arctic, Indian, Antarctic, and Pacific oceans, as well as the Caribbean and Mediterranean.

In North America, I have traveled in 45 of the United States, in 6 Canadian Provinces, and a few excursions in Mexico.

In the Caribbean and Central America, I have visited Belize, Guatemala, Grand Cayman, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Bonaire, Aruba, and the Virgin Islands.

In South America, I have traveled in Venezuela, Ecuador (including the Galapagos), and Columbia.

In Asia, I have traveled in the near east regions of Turkey, Syria, Cyprus, and Lebanon.  Also in Asia, I have traveled to India, Cambodia, Singapore, Bali, and Thailand.

In the Far East, I traveled to Japan and Hong Kong.

Elsewhere in the Pacific region, I have been to New Zealand and Hawai'i so far.

In Africa, I have traveled in Kenya and Egypt.

In Europe I have traveled extensively.  I have been to most countries in western Europe (except Ireland and Iceland). 

The past summers I have spent time in our place in Greece.

Spring semester 2015 I spent as a Banco Santander Chair of Excellence at Carlos III University in Madrid, Spain. 

Spring 2020 I went to Canberra Australia but had to return early because of the COVID-19 outbreak).

There is at least one story to go with my travels to each of these places.  And many more stories to come.

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