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Selected Recent Publications

A. Kryjevski, T. Luu, V. Karasiev, “Electronic structure of semiconductor nanoparticles from stochastic evaluation of imaginary-time path integral”, arXiv:2003.01096, submitted to Physical Review Letters

A. Kryjevski, D. Mihaylov, and D. Kilin, “Dynamics of Charge Transfer and Multiple Exciton Generation
in the Doped Silicon Quantum Dot - Carbon Nanotube System: Density Functional Theory Based Computation”,
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 9(19), 2018

A. Kryjevski, D.Mihaylov, S. Kilina, and D. Kilin, “Multiple exciton generation in chiral
carbon nanotubes: Density functional theory based computation”, The Journal of Chemical
Physics, 147, 154106 (2017)

A. Kryjevski, D. Mihaylov, B. Gifford, and D. Kilin, “Singlet fission in chiral carbon
nanotubes: Density functional theory based computation”, The Journal of Chemical
Physics, 147, 034106 (2017)

S. Brown, J. Miller, R. Anthony, U. Kortshagen, A. Kryjevski, E. Hobbie, “Abrupt
Size Partitioning of Multimodal Photoluminescence Relaxation in Monodisperse Silicon
Nanocrystals”, ACS Nano, 11(2) (2017)

D. Vogel, A. Kryjevski, T. Inerbaev, D. Kilin, Photoinduced Single- and Multiple- Electron
Dynamics Processes Enhanced by Quantum Confinement in Lead Halide Perovskite
Quantum Dots, J. Phys. Chem. Lett., 8(13), 2017

A. Kryjevski, B. Gifford, S. Kilina, and D. Kilin, “Theoretical predictions on efficiency
of bi-exciton formation and dissociation in chiral carbon nanotubes”, The Journal of
Chemical Physics 145, 154112 (2016)

A. Kryjevski, D. Kilin, “Enhanced Multiple Exciton Generation in Amorphous Silicon
Nanowires and Nanofilms”, Molecular Physics, 114, 365 – 379 (2016)

A. Kryjevski, “Toward first-principles description of carrier relaxation in nanoparticles”,
chapter in “Surface Chemistry for Photocatalysis”, ACS Symposium Series,
Vol. 1196, chapter 10, p. 201 - 213 (2015)

A. Kryjevski, D. Kilin, “Multiple exciton generation in silicon quantum dot arrays: density
functional perturbation theory computation, Molecular Physics, 112, 03-04 (2014)

A. Kryjevski, “Shear viscosity of the normal phase of a unitary Fermi gas from epsilon expansion”,
Phys. Rev. A 89, 023621 (2014)

A. Kryjevski, D. Kilin, S. Kilina, “Amorphous silicon nanomaterials: Quantum dots
versus nanowires”, J. of Renewable and Sustainable Energy, 5, 4 (2013)

A. Kryjevski, M. Alford, “Mitigating the sign problem for non-relativistic fermions on
the lattice”, J. Phys. G: Nucl. Part. Phys. 37 (2010), 0905.0124 [hep-lat]

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