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Leah A. Irish, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Department of Psychology

North Dakota State University


Office: 232C2 Minard Hall

Phone: (701) 231-6242




2011 Ph.D., Kent State University

2007 M.A., Kent State University

2003 B.S., University of Wisconsin – Whitewater


Academic Appointments:

2013 Assistant Professor of Psychology, North Dakota State University

2011-2013 Postdoctoral Scholar, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine


Research Interests:

                My work takes a 24 hour approach to the study of health behaviors, examining sleep as a mechanism linking lifestyle factors with health and illness.  Broadly, my research considers 1) the complex interplay between waking health behaviors (e.g., caffeine use, smoking, alcohol use, exercise) and nocturnal sleep; 2) the extent to which stress may exacerbate unhealthy 24 hour behaviors; 3) the role of stress and 24 hour health behaviors in the development and maintenance of chronic illness; and 4) sleep promotion in the general population. 


Selected Publications:


Irish, L.A., Kline, C.E., Rothenberger, S.D., Krafty, R.T., Buysse, D.J., Kravitz, H.M., Bromberger, J.T.,  Zheng, H. & Hall, M.H. (in press).  A 24 hour approach to the study of health behaviors: Temporal dynamics between waking health behaviors and sleep.  Annals of Behavioral Medicine.


Kline, C.E., Irish, L.A., Krafty, R.T., Sternfeld, B., Kravitz, H.M., Buysse, D.J., Bromberger, J.T., Dugan, S.A. & Hall, M.H. (2013).  Consistently high exercise/sports activity is associated with better sleep quality, continuity, and depth in midlife women: The SWAN Sleep Study. Sleep. 36(9), 1279-1288.


Irish, L.A., Gabert-Quillen, C.A., Ciesla, J.A., Pacella, M.L., Sledjeski, E.M. & Delahanty, D.L. (2013).  An Examination of PTSD Symptoms as a Mediator of the Relationship between Trauma History Characteristics and Physical Health following a Motor Vehicle Accident.  Depression and Anxiety, 30(5), 475-482.


Irish, L.A., Dougall, A.L., Delahanty, D.L. & Hall, M.H. (2013).  Sleep complaints negatively impact physical health outcomes in rescue workers: A one-year prospective study.  Psychosomatic Medicine, 75, 196-201      


Irish, L., Kobayashi, I. & Delahanty, D.L. (2010).  Long-term physical health consequences of childhood sexual abuse: A meta-analytic review.  Journal of Pediatric Psychology. 35(5), 450-461.

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