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Courses Taught at NDSU

·       NDSU GEOL 410, Sedimentology/Stratigraphy: 4cr, 3 weekly meetings, 1 weekly lab

»       Origin and classification of sedimentary rocks, sequence stratigraphy, and paleoenvironmental reconstruction

·       NDSU GEOL 325, Invertebrate Paleontology: 3cr, 3 weekly meetings with incorporated lab activities

»       Survey of invertebrate fossils emphasizing functional morphology, paleoecology, and macroevolutionary transitions.

·       NDSU GEOL 496: Field Experience: 2cr, monthly meetings culminating in a 7-day fieldtrip

»       Field region changes annually; Spring 2017 (scheduled) Southern California

·       NDSU GEOL 301, Field Methods in Paleontology: 1cr, monthly meetings culminating in a 5-day fieldtrip

»       Paleozoic stratigraphy and paleontology of southeastern Minnesota, Wisconsin, and northern Iowa.

·       NDSU GEOL 219, Oceanography: 3cr, 2 weekly meetings with emphasis on active learning through discussion and applied concepts

»       Ocean formation and dynamics over geologic time; waves and energy transfer of oceans; marine geochemistry, oceanic effects on world climates; coastal hazards.

·       NDSU 191, Astrobiology, 1cr, 5 weekly meetings with honors freshman

»       Evolution of Earth’s biosphere, implications for life on other planets

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