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Ganapathy Mahalingam is a well-established researcher in the field of computer-aided architectural design. His research focuses on using computer technology for the process of architectural design. Professor Mahalingam holds a Ph.D. in Architecture, which he earned at the University of Florida in 1995. For his doctoral dissertation, Dr. Mahalingam developed a computer-based design system for the design of proscenium-type auditoriums.

Created using the Smalltalk programming language and the VisualWorks software development environment, the Auditorium Design System represents the successful characterization of the process of designing the spatial enclosure of an auditorium as an algorithm. A pioneering implementation of object-oriented computing in architectural design, the Algorithmic Auditorium project continues to explore and explicate the computability of design.

Dr. Mahalingam is now exploring well-defined methodologies to discover computational structures in Architecture, to model buildings as networks (especially as energy networks), to model sensor and actuator networks for environmental control in buildings, and to articulate an architectural programming language.

Dr. Mahalingam served as the President of the Association for Computer-Aided Design In Architecture (ACADIA) from 2001 to 2003. ACADIA is the premier organization in the United States for educators, researchers and practitioners in the field of computer-aided design in architecture. In 2009, Dr. Mahalingam founded Digital Design Solutions LLC, a software company in the state of North Dakota to create software products for the design professions.

Dr. Mahalingam served as the Interim Chair of the Department of Architecture and Landscape Architecture at NDSU from 2008 to 2012, and as the Architecture Program Director from 2002 to 2008. Having been on the faculty at NDSU for 27 years, Dr. Mahalingam brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to the aspiring students of Architecture at NDSU. He teaches the Design Thesis Studio, the Advanced Architectural Design Studio, a lecture course on Thesis Research, and a seminar on the Architecture of India.

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