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Creative Work

Digital Art

  • Dreams of Corbu, digital artwork exhibited at the juried Dwell-ing exhibit in the Memorial Union Gallery at North Dakota State University, Fall 2009.
  • Crab Nebula Fossil, digital artwork exhibited at the juried NDSU Faculty Art Exhibit in the Memorial Union Gallery at North Dakota State University, Fall 2002.

Design Journal

  • Page from my Design Journal (aka sketchbook) from the period between my Master of Architecture degree and my Ph.D. degree. These are abstract explorations of architectural forms and structures, done as finished sketches. The sketches were drawn freehand in a leather-bound journal with a Pilot V5 fine point pen.

Architectural Design Competitions

  • "The Festival of Turkey in the USA: The Mimar Sinan Traveling Exhibit," design entry in the first King Fahd Awards Competition for Design and Research in Islamic Architecture, 1986. The design became a part of the archives at IRCICA in Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Design entry for the Downtown Fargo Urban Infill Design Competition conducted by the Kilbourne Group, Fargo 2010.
  • City Lines, design entry in the Broadway Square Design Competition held in Fargo, North Dakota in 2004.

Architectural Photography

  • Salk Institute at La Jolla, California, designed by Louis Kahn


  • Cotyledon, a collection of poetry published in Carbon World, the North Dakota State University Literary Journal, published by the NDSU English Club and Scholars program, 2002.

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