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Associate Professor of Practice

232 C4 Minard Hall

701-231 5397



D.Phil. (Psychology) University of Sussex (2005)

BSc. (Psychology) City University London (2001)



Introduction to Psychology (111)

Social Interaction (214)

Social Interaction (214) Online 

Thinking and Decision Making (322)

Thinking and Decision Making (322) Online

Psychology in Sport (340) Online

Research Methods (350)

Personality (468/ 668)


Recent Publications:

Coleman, M.D. (2013). Emotion and the ultimate attribution error. Current Psychology, 32, 71-81. 

Coleman, M.D. (2011). Emotion and the self-serving bias. Current Psychology, 30, 345-354.

Coleman, M.D. (2010). Sunk cost, emotion, and commitment to education. Current Psychology, 29, 346-356.

Coleman, M.D. (2010). Sunk cost and commitment to medical treatment. Current Psychology, 29, 121-134.

Coleman, M.D. (2009). Sunk cost and commitment to dates arranged online. Current Psychology, 28, 45-54.



Undergraduate Affairs Committee

Technology Enhanced Science Education Group

Reviewing ("Cognition and Emotion", "Motivation and Emotion", and "Perspectives on Psychological Science")

Faculty advisor to NDSU Cycling Club.



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