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Kevin D. McCaul

Kevin D. McCaul began his academic career at NDSU in 1978 after receiving a B.A. from Southern Methodist University and a Ph.D. in Social Psychology at the University of Kansas.  His research over the last decade addressed relationships between cognitions, feelings, and self-protective health behaviors.  In particular, he has connected thoughts about risk and feelings about worry in the context of breast cancer screening and smoking behavior.  Dr. McCaul has been funded in his career primarily from the National Cancer Institute, including a 5-year award as a Senior Investigator.  He has also served in a variety of administrative roles:  as chair of the Department of Psychology (6 years) in two interim dean roles (3 years) and from 2006-2012 as Dean of the College of Science and Mathematics. Dr. McCaul is presently retired as a Professor Emeritus at North Dakota State University. 

Contact Information:


Phone:  701-238-6491

Address:  Department 2765, 1210 Albrecht

PO Box 6050, NDSU

Fargo ND 58108-6050

Twitter:  kevindmccaul


 Representative Publications:

McCaul, K.D., Magnan, R.E., & Mead, M. (2017).  Disease-specific worry.  In L. Cohen (Ed.), Wiley Encyclopedia of Health Psychology:  Wiley Press. 

Magnan, R.E., & McCaul, K.D. (2017).  Screening:  Cancer.  In W. Ayers, C. Llewellyn, et al. (Eds.), Cambridge Handbook of Psychology, Health, and Medicine.  Cambridge University Press:  Cambridge, England.

Dillard, A.J., Magnan, R.E., Köblitz, A.R., & McCaul, K.D.  (2013).  Perceptions of smokers influence nonsmoker attitudes and preferences for interactions.  Journal of Applied Social  Psychology, 43, 823-833.

Magnan, R.E., Koblitz, A.R., McCaul, K.D., & Dillard, A.J. (2013).  Self-monitoring effects of ecological momentary assessment on smokers' perceived risk and worry.  Psychological Assessment, 25, 416-423.

Köblitz, A. R., Magnan, R. E., McCaul, K. D., Dillard, A. J., O’Neill, H. K., & Crosby, R. (2009). Smokers' thoughts and worries: A study using ecological momentary assessment. Health Psychology, 28, 484-492.

Magnan, R.E., Köblitz, A.R., Zielke, D.J., & McCaul, K.D.  (2009).  The effects of warning smokers on perceived risk, worry, and motivation to quit.  Annals of Behavioral Medicine, 37, 46-57.



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